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Travel Plans and Wanderlust Wishlist for 2022

Happy New Year!!

Every year I write this post detailing the upcoming plans that I have for the year as well as all the trips I hope to go on. This is the first EVER time that I have written this post with not one single thing booked! It’s been a funny two years (TWO YEARS!!) and we haven’t actually left the country since our Dubai and Oman trip February / March 2020. This lack of travel isn’t due to fear of catching Covid (I’m well and truly over that!) or fear of spreading it as I believe all necessary precautions are well in place. Rather it’s due to the worry of getting stuck or quarantined somewhere with a toddler. Also this is the year that we finally got our renovations in gear and we’ve been through lots of upheaval plus the cost of renovations have been crazy. But in 2022 I look forward to finally travelling again plus seeing lots of of the UK as that’s been so enjoyable in the last few years.

So here are my thoughts:

1. A Wedding in Latvia

Ok, so I say we have nothing booked. We have one plan and that is to visit Latvia for the wedding of a close family member over the summer. We don’t have anything booked or exact plans in place but watch this space as we’ll be having a few nights in Riga before the wedding! I’d love some recommendations if you have any as we’ve never been there before! We haven’t taken Oscar on a plane since he was seven months old and immobile, so wish us luck lol.

2. A Summer Holiday for Oscar

Due to Covid we’ve never taken Oscar on a week long summer holiday. He’s never walked on the beach, paddled in the sea or enjoyed the heat of an outdoor swimming pool while sipping a mocktail! Hopefully this is the year for it! Of course I’m looking at somewhere child-friendly and I love the look of Six Senses Ibizia . I always used to think taking a child on holiday would be exhausting but I taking Oscar anywhere just makes the experience so much better! I love seeing the joy on his face when he experiences new things.

3. A Big Birthday Celebration

2022 is the year that I turn 40. As we haven’t even travelled for two years I really want to hit the big 4-0 in style!! My birthday is in November so if we’re looking for sunshine it has to be somewhere fairly far flung. At the moment The Maldives or the Seychelles are topping with list, with the Seychelles being the front runner as we’ve never been there. I’m looking for a super luxury resort that is child friendly where we can have rest and relaxation and some (mild!) adventure.

4. A UK Trip 

There’s a few UK hotels on my bucket list that I’ve never made it to! We were supposed to stay at Heckfield Place for our ten year anniversary last year but it was cancelled due to the lockdown. I was also supposed to go on a girls trip to the Newt in Somerset but I wasn’t able to do that due to child care issues. I really hope to make it to both this year! For a long time I’ve wanted to visit the Lake District, but I have never been! The Gilpin Hotel is on my list but they only accept children over 7; I think Brimstone Hotel and Another Place look great too. Beatrix Potter World in Windermere looks really cute and very fun for Oscar!

5. Christmas

I would so love to Oscar on a special Christmas trip. He’s still not really old enough to understand Christmas but this year he loved opening his advent calendar every day, decorating the Christmas tree, making gingerbread houses, meeting Santa and opening his presents on Christmas day. Next year he’ll be three and half at Christmas and I’d love to take him somewhere magical like Northern Lights Village or Arctic Treehouse Hotel. 
Or maybe we’ll visit the European Christmas markets, or take a ski trip to Courchevel.
Though everything is still up in the air with Covid, next year feels full of promise and possibility!