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Christmas at Duck & Waffle

Apologies for the lateness of this, posting about Christmas is quite random as we near the end of January but I still wanted to tell you about the amazing Christmas lunch that we had at Duck & Waffle.

We’ve been having Christmas lunch at restaurants for years now, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and Mr S was against the idea at first but it really does make everything so much easier with no cooking or cleaning up. Christmas was uncertain again this year and we left it quite late to book something but I got an email from Duck & Waffle about their Christmas lunch and I thought I’d try my luck. With 12 people to cater for I didn’t think we’d have much chance but we were in luck as the restaurant’s private dining room was available for us! We usually choose a hotel for Christmas lunch but I loved this idea of having something a bit different and unusual for the big day.

Unfortunately on Christmas Eve, Mr S’s mum felt ill with a cough and temperature (sounds like the Big C but all tests were negative) so his parents had to drop out of the big day and with mine still in full time isolation that left my sister and her boys, Mr S’s sister and her family and our family.

Lots of you will know about the famous Duck & Waffle, the highest restaurant in London is reached by high speed lift! I’ve been to Duck & Waffle lots of time but it’s never failed to thrill – and slightly terrify me – plus it was brilliant seeing Oscar’s reaction to the lift. Though he has been to the restaurant before when he was five months old!

Well in the Christmas spirit, the lofty restaurant had been done up like the Polar Express. A big hit with my nephew Jackson who is currently obsessed with trains!
Our private dining room was perfect for our group of ten which included five children (three being toddlers) so they could run around and make mischief.

The usual fare at Duck and Waffle is traditional British cuisine with a twist and true to form this was Christmas dinner with a twist! What I liked about the menu was that it offered options and you didn’t have to stick to a rigid five course menu with no choices. One thing that would have been good was a special children’s menu as some of our kids are a little fussy but the kids were offered the same. Having said that, the kids had the same size portion for less than half the price.

We started with a Christmas spirit cocktail which was a boozy hot chocolate with brandy, port, and grated dark chocolate. They even made a special fruit non-alcoholic cocktail for the kids!
The majority of us had the lobster cocktail which included Exmoor caviar but the cheddar souffle and celeriac soup were also options.
I had to have the roast turkey with all the trimmings and it was a really good one! I’ve been to restaurants for Christmas dinner where the portions are really mean but that’s certainly not the case here. Halibut and risotto were the two other options on offer. 
I love a Yulelog so the chocolate and cherry roulade was the obvious choice for me but others had Christmas pudding or poached pear. The lunch was rounded off with mince pies and a cheese plate.

We absolutely loved our Christmas Day at Duck and Waffle. we were only sad that the grandparents couldn’t be there but I have high hopes of a Christmas all together next year!