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Oscar’s 2nd Birthday

Last year birthday parties were a no go… but we still had the best time enjoying a small party in Oscar’s grandparent’s garden with just close family. This year I was determined to have a party for him and booked one on the day of his actual birthday – 18th July. It was no surprise to many people when the government announced Covid restrictions would be extended and not dropped… until the 19th of July *angry face emoji*. What bad timing! Fortunately, I was able to postpone Oscar’s party to the following weekend and I was excited to have a very small celebration on the actual day.

Though Oscar is very small and really won’t remember, I still wanted him to wake up to something very exciting on the day of his birthday. With help of Bubblegum Balloons (pr discount) I decorated our flat in an Under-the-Sea theme with a blue balloon arch wave formation and lots of under the sea characters.

We had tried to hold back from getting big presents due to our reno but I couldn’t help myself with this gorgeous mint green scooter that matched the kitchen that I’d got him for Christmas.

My aunt and uncle got him this little red Bentley car which he fell in love with straight away!

I’d also got him a special T-Shirt from Etsy with his name on it and a Baby Shark – one of his favourite characters.

After a fun morning of present opening, I’d booked Sushi Samba in Covent Garden for lunch. I highly recommend it as they’re actually very child friendly, I think it’s great for toddlers as the environment is quite sensory plus Oscar actually loves sushi!
This was the only photo I got of the three of us with Oscar even vaguely looking at the camera *face palm*

We don’t give Oscar actual raw fish but there’s lots on the menu he will eat. He loved the seabass pictured above and we also got him grilled chicken and veggie sushi rolls.

At the end they even bought him a little chocolate cake! After a little walk around Covent Garden watching the street performers we took Oscar back for his nap. In the evening my parents and my sister and her kids came around for a takeaway so it was a really lovely low key day!

The following week it was party time!! We had friends from out of town and their kids coming to stay with us plus Oscar has lots of friends that we have made through a local mums group add to that our NCTs friends and all of Oscar’s cousins – it is was quite a lot of kids! We booked at room at Beaufort House, it’s where we had our engagement party but it’s also perfect for a kids party.

I stuck with the Under-the-sea theme as Oscar loves ‘ish’ (his word for fish) and Finding Nemo and Baby Shark are two of his fave things to watch. I hired the rather aptly named entertainment company Sharkey and George to help keep the kids happy for the duration of the two hour party. I had been a little worried that entertainment would be a little lost on a party of mostly two years old but the duo of guys that the company sent knew just what level to pitch at.
They decorated the space with these teepees.

And also arranged the balloon decorations and the photographer for the day.

Other bits and pieces like the shark hats, plates and party bags I’d picked up from various party shops.

About eight years ago I met a lady at a wedding show and I’ve been using her service for all kind of events. Cakes by Robin made Oscar the perfect under the sea cake plus these amazing themed cookies and cake pops – they tasted great too. 

As well as lots of fun and games for the kids, we had food and drinks for the adults so everyone was happy!

Oscar didn’t stop smiling all day and I was so relieved that he wasn’t overwhelmed by so many people.

Sharkey and George kept the kids happy with bubbles, cookie making, balloon modelling and lots of singing and dancing.

It was so wonderful to have everyone there and feel like we were living normal life again! Especially Mr S’s parents who had barely been out for the last two years.
Beaufort House served the kids tea about half way through the party and the little ones all sat down for fish fingers, pizza and nuggets and sandwiches.

After lunch it was time to cut the cake and sing happy birthday to Oscar!!!

It really was a wonderful day for parents and children alike! I’m so glad Oscar finally got to have a brilliant birthday party!!