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Travel Plans and Wanderlust Wishlist for 2021

Every year I write a blog post as part of our travel link up detailing my confirmed travel plans for the year and where I hope to add to that list. I usually very much look forward to writing these posts but of course 2020 was different in a way I could never even had imagined was possible.

Looking back at last year’s post, I’m still so happy that I was able to go on our two planned trips (Austria and Dubai and Oman) as they took place in January and February. I also mentioned I’d like to do more UK staycations (the irony!) which was also something we achieved. We didn’t take a family summer holiday but I felt like we had such a wonderful time on our Dubai and Oman trip that it really didn’t matter. One thing that also make my heart happy is looking through Oscar’s bucket list that I wrote last year and seeing that we actually achieved most of it… let’s review it.

1. See snow for the first time

Oscar got to see snow for the first time on our Austria ski trip at the beginning of the year.

2. Go in a boat for the first time

We took Oscar on a Dhow cruise in Oman.

3. Step on the beach for the first time

Oscar stepped on the sand in Oman … he hated it though lol.

4. Swim in a swimming pool

Oscar swam in a pool for the first time in Austria and has had quite a few swims since!

5. Visit a country outside of Europe.

Oscar visited Dubai and Oman!

6. Taste chocolate for the first time

Oscar tried chocolate for the first time on his birthday. I offered him birthday cake but he didn’t like it lol.

7. Go on holiday with Granny and Granddad

Sadly not one we managed to achieve, in fact Oscar hardly saw either of his grandparents all year.

8. Take a long haul flight in business class

We did it! Our longest flight so far has been to Dubai!

9. Try spaghetti in Italy

We didn’t go to Italy this year, it’s the first time I’ve not been for years.

10. First international road trip

Not really – it was a two hour drive from Dubai to Oman but I wouldn’t call that a road trip.

Travel Plans for the Year

Surprise, surprise we have very few plans for the year. I have a UK trip booked in two weeks time which would be our ten year anniversary but that will inevitably be cancelled.

What I am looking forward to is a girls trip to Soho Farmhouse in April. Theresa and I have booked into a cabin for some R & R while Mr S looks after Oscar at home. I’m so excited and I really hope that it goes ahead.

And that’s it lol, the shortest list of plans ever. However, I have high hopes as the vaccine is being rolled out that we will be travelling again by summer and that being said here’s Oscar bucket list and my wish list for the year.

Wanderlust Wishlist 

1. Finally take a holiday with granny and granddad

I’d love Oscar to make up for lost time and be able to spend more time with his grandparents. My in laws were actually supposed to come to The Fish with us but they pulled out when Covid numbers started to creep up.

This pic was taken on a trip to Chewton Glen when I was pregnant in 2019 and perhaps something we’ll be able to relive now Oscar is here and old enough to enjoy the beach.

2. Take a Trip to Israel

Israel is a country very close to Mr S’s heart for many reasons. I’ve been several times myself due to having relatives there. I’d love Oscar to spend some time there too, now and then again when he’s old enough to appreciate it. The fact that there will be soon be a Soho House in Tel Aviv and a new Six Senses hotel in the desert is rather exciting too!

3. Go on Safari

I don’t think we’ll be taking Oscar to South Africa any time soon but I have my eye on an exciting Safari hotel in the UK. Watch this space!

4. Visit Santa Claus

Something I’d love to do is take Oscar to visit the ‘real’ Santa Claus in Lapland. I’d love to stay somewhere truly magical like Northern Lights Village or Arctic Treehouse Hotel so that Oscar can experience the true magic of Christmas!

Photo of Oscar meeting Santa at the London transport museum this year. Fingers crossed they’ll be no masks in 2021!

5. Take Oscar Proper skiing

Mr S loves skiing and it’s has absolute dream to take Oscar on the slopes. In January 2020 we stayed at ski resort and got to see snow but Mr S is keen to get him actually started asap. Though admittedly I’m scared of him hurting himself.¬†

I will keep it at five things as I want to keep expectations at a moderate level for 2021. I’d love to know your plans too.




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