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6 Toys We’re Loving At The Moment

Hello! It’s been a few weeks since I last updated my blog which is the longest I’ve ever gone since starting SilverSpoon! My blog is actually seven years old this month so it’s been really strange not writing regular updates. But I have been absolutely lost for words with genuinely no idea of what to write about now we are in lockdown 3.0.

At the moment our days consist of mornings at the playground (we try and make it out unless the weather is horrendous!) and afternoons playing in the living room as it’s usually too dark to venture out by the time Oscar is awake from his afternoon nap. We’re also lucky to be able to meet my sister and her boys as we are in a support bubble with them. Honestly, it’s like groundhog day and I am often finding myself falling back on buying Oscar new toys as we’re both constantly so bored with a routine of playing with the shape sorter, puzzles, cars, trains and books. I thought by way of a little update in our lives I’d just let you know what toys we’re loving at the moment.

Most of these are by the brand Little Dutch and are available on the Scandiborn website.

1. Play Kitchen 

Our play kitchen is one of our current favourite toys. Oscar loves playing with the bits and pieces and taking bread in and out of the oven. We were given play fruit and a bakery basket for Christmas to use with the kitchen which go really nicely on the shelves. I also bought him a chef’s hat to finish the look while we’re playing with it.

2. Fishing Game

Oscar’s current favourite toy! He’s been sharpening his hand eye coordination and practicing turn-taking as we ‘fish’ the little wooden pieces from the box.

3. Little Toaster

This play toaster is super cute and Oscar loves popping the bread up and down and pretending to feed me.

4. Birthday Cake 

The Birthday Cake is quite a favourite – he loves hiding the little bits behind cushions. Every now and then I discover a random candle in the sofa crevices.

5. Blocks

Oscar loves any kind of blocks at the moment. He particularly loves having me build towers so he can knock them down with his cars!

6. Play Hoover 

Finally is Oscar’s toy hoover. After I noticed his fascination with our Dyson, I bought him a mini hoover to play with. It looks so much like the real thing and even has real suction!