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12 Christmas Gift ideas for a One-Year-Old

I’m super excited for Christmas shopping this year as it’s Oscar’s 2nd Christmas. I thought I would share with you a few toys that I’ve bought Oscar recently along with a few things I’m planning to get him for Christmas. I going to be really careful not to overdo the presents as we did that for his birthday and once you add all the gifts from relatives, there’s suddenly soo much stuff!

1. A Doll

A bought Oscar this adorable doll from Little Dutch a few months ago. My Little Dutch Baby Doll Jim comes with a little outfit to dress him in, a hat, a dummy and bottle and bed and blanket. Personally I loved the doll and playing dress up with it, but Oscar himself wasn’t that interested until recently. Now he loves feeding his little Jim doll and the magnet on the bottle makes it really easy for him to do so.

2. A Pram

I discovered Oscar’s love for prams when he became infatuated with one of his friend’s in the park one day. I went home and immediately bought him one – he loves it as he loves pushing it around the house and putting things in it. Especially Baby Jim! I was really pleased with this one as it’s an aesthetically pleasing Scandi brand (Moover) but it was half the price of some of the others I saw.

3. A Rocking Horse 

Oscar just lovely his Pottery Barn Rocking Lamb, admittedly he doesn’t always climb on it to rock but he loves cuddling it around the neck and he loves dragging it around the room with him! That lamb has ended up in some very unusual places!
I love it too because the stylish Pottery Barn aesthetic! I’m just trying to make sure I keep it this white!

4. A Tea Set 

I was personally delighted with this gorgeous wooden tea set from The White Company and I was hoping Oscar would have a tea party with me and baby Jim. Unfortunately he was more interested in throwing the pieces around and stacking the cups! Personally I’ll be saving this for when O is a bit older but I know other one year olds who love their tea sets and feeding their dolls.

5. A Bus

Oscar just loves cars, buses, trucks – basically anything that moves! I loved the look of this Le Toy Van big red London bus for him and he loves it too. You can remove the top deck and put the bus driver in and any other people you have.
The bus driver is even called Boris!

6. A Festive Dressing Gown

How cute is the reindeer dressing gown from My First Years? It’s super soft too and can be personalised with the child’s name. I bought one with a matching towel too.

7. A Giant Giraffe

Probably the item of decor that gets mentioned the most, our giant giraffe is definitely a showstopper. Harrods sell a super expensive version but ours was a bargain from John Lewis.

8. Sheep Stools 

I still absolutely love these sheep stools that we bought for Oscar’s room. They’d be perfect for holding tea parties with other babies too.

9. Books 

I mean, you don’t need me to tell you that babies like books… but here is a selection of book specifically on race which are a great way to start your baby’s education. 

10. A Train Set

Ok, so Oscar isn’t quite at the stage of playing with it properly but he still absolutely loves his train set and playing with the individual parts. He was given this one last Christmas which is made by Hape.

11. A Scuttlebug 

Oscar loves pushing along the floor on his three wheel Scuttlebug. It’s also really light weight and easy to fold up to take to the park.

12. A Ball Pit

Rather than buy Oscar a ball pit, we decided to kill two birds with one stone (well three actually!) and got a travel cot which we also use a ball pen. We filled this with balls and hey presto! A ball pit. 

A few other ideas are a play kitchen (I’ve ordered one for Christmas), Mega Bloks (his fave thing at the moment), stacking cups, a shape sorter, cute clothes, a teepee, a swing set or slide and a scooter or balance bike.

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