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Seafood in Soho at Randall and Aubin

I was invited to review Randall & Aubin and our food and drink was complimentary. I was not paid to visit and was not under contractual obligation to write this blog post or create content on any platform. 

I love visiting old favourites and also giving Mr S and little O the opportunity to check out places that I’ve loved for years. Randall and Aubin has been a stalwart in Soho for twenty four years, somewhere I’ve visited many times and a place that I was excited for the boys to try!

The restaurant has a cute vintage feel to it with light bulbs surrounding the sign, 18th century chandeliers from Paris, a glittering disco ball (which caught Oscar’s eye!) and shiny marble counters. The eclectic decor is intended to reflect the fun attitude of the place and the idea that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s a lively open kitchen that creates a real buzz and the staff are so warm that you can just tell that they love being there.

The restaurant even has its own brand of champagne which was the perfect way to start our lunch!
And so was chewing on some freshly baked bread!

On the menu are French and British classics using seasonal produce from local producers – there’s a huge focus on sustainability, reflecting the passions of co-owners Jamie Poulton and Head Chef Ed Baines. All the fish is brought in fresh from Peterhead and Brixham and is of the finest quality. If you choose the meat options over the fish, the quality is the finest there too as they source their meat from the best butchers in Britain.

The moules marinieres represent the French element of the menu and are served with with garlic, parsley and a creamy sauce. This is one of my all time favourite dishes and they were so delicious especially with the bread.

The assiette de Fruits de Mer contains three rock oysters, crab, pink prawns, mussels, cockles, tuna carpaccio and whelks and is a must for seafood lovers.
Where the calamari has that familiar comforting crunch you would expect!

Oscar absolutely loves fish and this grilled hake with the sauce on the side served with dauphinoise potatoes was perfect for him. He actually ate nearly the whole thing!
Outside the restaurant has spilled on to the streets with a new terrace as much of Soho being pedestrianised for summer in a bid for greater restaurant capacity and social distancing in Covid times. The terrace has the outdoor buzz of Soho coupled with the amazing food and service of Randall and Aubin and is a great choice for a sunny day.

I’m so glad that great restaurants like Randall and Aubin are standing the test of time, even in these uncertain circumstances and I hope to return again and again.