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Oscar’s 1st Birthday

I love party-planning and right from when we first had Oscar I wondered what we’d do for his first birthday. Something relatively low-key at home for such a tiny human being but with all our family, friends, an entertainer, lots of fun and plenty of laughter.
But of course back in July 2019, I never anticipated that there would be a global pandemic going on when it was my little boy’s first birthday! Mr S and I left it right up to the last minute to decide what to do. My dream of having a party at home seemed impossible as we live in a flat with only limited outdoor space. Making social distancing outside impossible to achieve. Also Oscar’s grandparents are all older than 70 with my dad having other conditions and choosing to shield at home.
Fortunately the in-laws offered their house and garden as the party venue. The perfect choice that meant they didn’t have to leave their home and we could have a really small close family party outside.

I chose a Peter Rabbit theme for the special day and decorated our flat with special personalised decorations ordered from Etsy and Meri Meri.

He loved playing with the balloons and I honestly think he knew that there was something different about the day. We had bought him lots of presents, the main one being the little lamb rocking horse! I made him pancakes for breakfast which he loved.

And then I hoped he’d take a nap but he had other ideas and was obviously far too excited, so we both got ready and Mr S started packing up the car. I’d ordered Oscar a special Peter Rabbit outfit for the day, again from Etsy, I was determined to get a good picture but he made it very hard as he just wanted to crawl off and look at things!

We ended up with no time to open any presents and we still left 40 minutes after we’d intended too! I crossed my fingers that Oscar would take a nap in the car and fortunately he did take a short schluff and was a bit more rested when we arrived.¬†
We decorated the house but were quite limited by what we could bring but I was glad to have little touches of the theme around.

And of course, the cake took pride of place! A gorgeous chocolate cake from Cakes by Robin… I had ordered a really special¬† cake as I knew I couldn’t have the party that I wanted.


I’d also got carrots with his name iced on to them! Robin made our wedding favours so I knew she was a master baker!

We recently discovered Oscar’s love for sushi so we did a little sushi starter and he nibbled happily on the rice and avocado.

My sister in law actually owns a bouncy castle and she bought it over for the day. Honestly, it was the saviour of the party as I wasn’t able to hire and entertainer or anything.

The day went so quickly and soon it was time to cut the cake and sing happy birthday! My parents joined us via Facetime and we opened a few of O’s presents, it was lovely that they could get involved even though they couldn’t be there.

The final element of the day was a video that I’d put together of clips that I’d taken on my phone throughout the year. It was really emotional seeing a video of my tiny little bean when he was first born growing into a bouncing one year old! I couldn’t be more proud of my wonderful little boy!

Though it wasn’t the party that I’d originally planned in my head, it turned out to be completely and utterly perfect. I loved every minute of Oscar’s special day and I can’t wait to tell him about it in years to come.