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Delilah and Oscar Go For Alice’s Queen of Hearts Afternoon Tea at The Taj

I was invited to review Alice’s Queen of Hearts Afternoon Tea at Taj 51 Buckingham Gate and our food and drink was complimentary. I was not paid to visit and was not under contractual obligation to write this blog post or create content on any platform. 

Going back to restaurants after such an extended period of lockdown certainly feels strange. To be honest even writing a restaurant review on this blog feels rather novel but as my hands tap the keys that sense of familiarity begins to return… just as meeting up with friends, returning to playgrounds and having picnics began to feel ok again, eating inside has started to feel ok again. I was particularly excited to visit Taj 51 Buckingham Gate as Oscar and his friend Delilah would be sampling Alice’s Queen of Hearts Afternoon tea at the hotel’s Kona restaurant! I’ve taken Oscar for afternoon tea but he was so little that he’d mostly just sit there in his pram. Now he’s old enough to eat food, he can join in the fun!

My friend Cheyenne (Delilah’s mum) and I had dressed the bubbas up in matching outfits all ready for their first tea!

Both of them love their food and we soon had them munching on cheese sandwiches! As the name implies, the afternoon tea is Alice in Wonderland themed and the hotel have really paid attention to detail.
We both ordered a fruity tea which is served in Mad Hatter’s tea pots with the rest of the crockery perfectly matching the theme!

The fine china plates featuring original book illustrations are from the Victoria and Albert Museum collection celebrating the 150 years of Alice. Each table also has a Mad Hatter’s top hat on the table, hand made for the occasion by a London artist.

The first treat is ‘No White Roses’ , a red velvet cupcake topped with chocolate ganache finished with a chocolate heart. Oscar was very curious about the cupcake and just wanted to poke it!

Sandwiches are served on a checkered plate and are presented to represent the queen’s soldiers. The fillings are the classics – I’m sure the Mad Hatter would approve!

The ‘On duty’ is Coronation chicken on carrot bread.
‘Pick a Card’ is rye bread filled with smoked salmon – we ordered extra of these!
‘Double Time’ is egg mayo.
‘In Line’ is a cucumber and soft cheese sandwich on beetroot bread.

The pastries are presented on a glass checker board platter and very a super sweet red and chocolate colour scheme.

‘Tea Party at 6’ replicates the mad hatters top hat and is made of dark chocolate.
‘Checkmate’ is a based on a traditional Battenburg and looks like the classic checker board. The sponge is red current and chocolate flavour.
‘Royal Flush’ is made of orange semolina and is decorated with strawberries and blackberries standing in a chess-like formation.
‘Off with their heads’ The Queen of Hearts if recreated as a banana moelleux with a raspberry crémeux dress

My favourite was the ‘Running Late’ which is a strawberry macaron decorated to look like the white Rabbit’s pocket watch. My friend, is a pastry chef and has prepared afternoon tea at some of the top places in London such as Fortnum and Mason – the tea even got her professional seal of approval.

Fluffy scones (raisin and classic) finished off Oscar and Delilah’s tea nicely!

After tea the babies really needed a chance to stretch their legs and we escaped to one of the hotel lounges so that they could chase each other around!
Sadly, with two sleepy babies it was time to go back through the rabbit hole and off home. What a fantastic tea it was though!

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate