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10 Reasons Why Posting on My Blog And Instagram Keeps me Positive During the Coronavirus Crisis

What a terrifying world we’re living in – people dying and getting seriously ill, people losing their business as the economy crashes and people’s mental health cracking as we go into isolation. The Coronavirus pandemic will effect every one in some way or another be that big or small. You are allowed to be sad if you miss your graduation, cancel your holiday or don’t see your friends on your birthday – if it meant  a lot to you, you’re allowed to grieve. Perhaps I’m fortunate that my biggest problem is a ‘first world problem’ but I feel robbed of my first year with Oscar. We loved going to baby groups, making new friends and visiting family … now we can’t see Oscar’s grandparents, we’re confined to our flat and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to have first birthday for him.

Oscar and I are keeping positive with online baby groups, constant contact with our friends via social media and house party and daily walks to the park. And I’ve been posting on my blog and Instagram.
One thing I questioned at the beginning of this crisis was should I continue to post? My pictures are fun and light hearted which goes against the overall sombre feeling of the country in health crisis at the moment. Plus my images of luxury hotels are a little jarring with the accompanying economic crisis. I wondered whether these images were insensitive to the overall public feeling. So I put up a poll on my stories and there was an overwhelming response that I should keep posting. Hooray! In light of the theme of positivity for this month’s travel link up, I wanted to tell you why continuing to post is one thing that’s keeping me positive.

1. My Own Mental Health 

I think the mental health implications of Coronavirus are absolutely undeniable. Personally, I’ve always had mild health anxiety so immediately I was worried Oscar would get it and when I found out older people were most vulnerable, I feared for my parents. Now we’re living in isolation, there’s a further breeding ground for mental health problems, OCD and a fear of the unknown. Writing my blog and posting on Instagram allows me to maintain normalacy and keep in touch with everything that I always used to do and loved doing.

2. Light Entertainment 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be relying on your favourite programmes, blogs and books to keep your mind off this crisis. If we think to deeply we’ll catastrophise so having light entertainment will take our minds of it.

3. Escapism 

I’m currently dreaming of visiting beautiful locations with my baby boy – though I know we can’t actually go, I still love dreaming of escaping to those places by writing about them, posting pictures and seeing other people’s.

4. Reliving Memories

We are so lucky that we got an amazing holiday in before we were advised not to leave the country. I’m still enjoying posting pictures of that holiday and imagining being back there!

5. Coming up With New Content Ideas

I’ve got a few blog posts in my backlog still to write but after I’ve finished writing about my recent travels it’s be time to get creative about my posts. Expect a change in content coming in the upcoming weeks / months which will focus on myself and Oscar and our time at home.

6. Coming up With Wish lists

I couldn’t travel much last year due to being pregnant and then having a new baby. Travel will be on hold this year until this crisis is over but I will coming up with my own wish lists and future bucket lists for Oscar.

7. Continuing with My Job

Like many bloggers I’m worried about the absence of paid work during this crisis but by continuing to post I hope to keep the momentum of my blog and Instagram going and hope everything will go back to normal. Oh, and please don’t get annoyed with bloggers posting ads at this time, they need to make money too.

8. Feeling Like the Pressure is off

Though I love working with brands, restaurants and hotels, I’m looking forward to creating lots of content that’s based around our day to day life without any pressure.

9. Connections with Blogger Friends

Sending messages on What’s App and wine nights on House Party with my blogger friends are keeping a smile on my face. 

10. Getting my Admin Done 

My blog needs a good old sort out and update, so I’m looking forward to getting those little jobs done.

It’s so important to stay positive in these uncertain times. What keeps you positive?

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