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Travel Plans, Wanderlust Wishlist 2020 and Oscar’s Bucketlist

One of my favourite posts of the year! I love looking forward and thinking what my plans for the year will be and taking a look back to see what I ticked off my wishlist. Reading last year’s post back is interesting for me because at the time of writing I had no idea I was pregnant! In the post I mentioned a trip planned to New York and Bermuda which we eventually cancelled due to my pregnancy… there was also a dream trip in the pipeline. The latter trip was actually Peru, we had everything booked as part of a collaboration with Relais & Châteaux including a luxurious Amazon cruise plus our business class flights but this was also cancelled as it was about to take place three weeks before my due date!

Despite these cancellations, I still had a wonderful travel year and ticked Stockholm off my wish list staying in one of my bucket list hotels. I also expressed a desire to slow down (little did I know the real reason why I was feeling so tired!) and go on more relaxing trips, which is definitely what my 2020 will look like now we have a mini traveller in tow!

So here’s what we have booked…

1. January – Oscar’s First Ski Trip 

When we first found out we were having Oscar, Mr S absolutely couldn’t wait to take him on his first ski trip! Regular readers will know I’m not the best skier (ok I’m terrible…) but I absolutely love the beauty and the atmosphere of ski resorts. So in a couple of weeks I’m very excited that not only will we be taking Oscar on his first ski trip but it’s also his first press trip! We’ll be staying at the Naturhotel Forsthofgut, a family friendly hotel and spa in Leogang in Austria. While Mr S enjoys a day skiing, Oscar and I will enjoy the comfort of the hotel whilst meeting him for lunch at the slopes. When Mr S returns from skiing, he’ll be taking over baby duty while I check out the spa.

The hotel also takes it’s cuisine very seriously and we’re looking forward to trying the restaurants which includes delicious alpine food, local produce and a focus on veganism. As a family-friendly hotel I’m excited to find out more about the facilities for babies and children… and reporting back to you!

2. February – Dubai and Oman

I literally booked these flights a matter of minutes ago. With last year being focussed on my pregnancy and a new baby we did little in the way of travel, and now we’re keen for some winter sun. It was quite difficult to choose where to go as we didn’t want to long a flight or a big time difference but we wanted a relaxing holiday with plenty of sunshine. The Middle East seemed perfect and our plan is to fly into Dubai, have a few days there and then drive out to one of the resorts in Oman, which will be a new country for me. We’ve been to Dubai before but there are still plenty of restaurants, brunches and attractions that I have on my list to visit. In Oman we want the chance for some pure relaxation and to take Oscar swimming and to the beach. 

3. Other bits and pieces in the pipeline

On last year’s list I mentioned a possible trip to Disneyland Paris was in the pipeline. That didn’t pan out in 2019 but I’m definitely hoping for a 2020 trip now that we have Oscar. Ok, so he might be too small to appreciate the Disney characters but I certainly will!

Wanderlust Wishlist 

1. Family Summer holiday

I’ve been looking into a family summer holiday for Mr S, Oscar and I, there’s nothing booked yet but I’d love to take a European holiday perhaps to our favourite countries Italy or Greece or something a bit different like Montenegro. With Oscar still being so small we don’t need a kids club and a super family focussed resort but I’m still looking into somewhere that will cater well for all of us.

2. UK Staycations

I was apprehensive about taking Oscar on holiday for the first time but every holiday we’ve had with him has gone smoothly and has actually been far more relaxing than I thought it would be. With that said, I’d really like to explore my own country with my baby’s little hand in mine and have some lovely relaxing weekend breaks.

As you can see I’m going to keep it fairly simple this year and not be overly ambitious but I’m sure there will be a few more trips on the cards and fun and adventures for Oscar’s first full year in this world. I’ve also put together a little bucket list for Oscar this year, let’s see how many we can tick off!

Oscar’s Bucket list for 2020

  1. See snow for the first time
  2. Go in a boat for the first time
  3. Step on the beach for the first time
  4. Swim in a swimming pool
  5. Visit a country outside of Europe.
  6. Taste chocolate for the first time
  7. Go on holiday with Granny and Granddad
  8. Take a long haul flight in business class
  9. Try spaghetti in Italy
  10. First international road trip

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