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Three Baby-Friendly, Luxury Restaurants in Ibiza

Mr S and I worked out that the key to having a good holiday was choosing a hotel and restaurants that accommodated both us and the little one. We generally found most places were happy to have Oscar and found us a quiet corner where we could tuck him away in his pram so he’d be of limited to disturbance to other guests if he got fussy or if I needed to feed him. Unfortunately as this was our first trip, we didn’t venture out much so my restaurant suggestions are limited (we ate in the hotel restaurants for nearly every meal!) but I’ll be planning similar guides to this for future trips.

Nobu Ibiza

We ended up having dinner in the hotel restaurant three times and getting room service from them too… though personally I’m not complaining when that restaurant is Nobu, one of my favourite restaurant brands. Regular readers will know that we stayed at Nobu Ibiza Bay, part of the boutique Nobu hotel collection, each hotel in the group also includes a Nobu restaurant. Known for being one of the world’s best Japanese restaurants founded by the winning combination of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro, Nobu always serves incredible, innovative cuisine using the finest ingredients.

The setting combines minimalistic Nobu-style elegance with rustic Ibiza vibes. Natural wood and neutral tones don’t detract from the gorgeous setting and sea view but enhance the overall experience. There’s plenty of indoor seating to enjoy the cool night air but if it’s too humid or too cold for your little one, there’s indoor seating too. Because Oscar is so small he lay in his pram while we ate but we saw plenty of bigger babies in high chairs plus toddlers and older kids too. The restaurant is only available at dinner and opens at 7pm (though you can order Nobu food from the bar and from room service during the day) and at that time, there were lots of families for the early sitting but those wanting to enjoy more of an adult atmosphere should definitely visit a little later.

Food-wise we enjoyed some of the Nobu signatures such as yellow tail sashimi, tuna tacos, lobster salad, sushi and black cod. All so delicious and fresh. I didn’t ask if there’s a children’s menu (I’m still new to this!) but there doesn’t seem to be one online however there are definitely child-friendly options on the main menu such as plain rice, chicken skewers and avocado rolls. I’m hoping Oscar will one day be an adventurous eater and join me in sushi eating!


Chambao is the other restaurant at Nobu Ibiza Bay and is open for breakfast and lunch. I love chilled out beach atmosphere of the restaurant and, just like Nobu, you can choose an outdoor seat to enjoy the heat or take a table inside if you’re worried your little one is getting too much sun. Either way there’s plenty of space for a pram for a tiny one like Oscar or a high chair for a bigger one.

On the menu is delicious Mediterranean food and Balearic specials…I recommend to start with the delicious pica pica and starters

We opted for grilled calamari with aubergine, Corvina ceviche with fresh coriander and chilli and artichoke hearts sautéed with Manchego cheese and truffle oil on one day. The later was a little full on but great if you like lots of cheese! And on another day we had mussels with Albariño and chives (divine!) along with padron peppers.

Main courses are utterly delicious and there’s a selection of paella which we opted for one day – choose from lobster, seafood, chicken or vegetable… all served table side. Or there’s the catch of the day – we shared a whole sea bass with accompanying potatoes and vegetables. There’s also grills, roasts, pizza and pasta. I definitely recommend the lobster pasta which I tried in the bar one day.

FYI there’s a selection of Nobu dishes and Chambao dishes served all day in the hotel bar. The restaurant is situated right next to the family pool and the kids club and the restaurant serves a kid menu of mini burgers, pizzas, pasta, chicken and Spanish rice. There’s even kiddie cocktails!

Sa Punta 

We kept things as simple as possible for Oscar’s first holiday and had most meals at our hotel. We hadn’t bought a car seat for Oscar so unless we paid for the hotel car, we had to walk to get anywhere. Fortunately there was an absolutely gorgeous restaurant within about ten minutes walk from Nobu Ibiza Bay in Talamanca Bay. Sa Punta ticks the boxes of being great for fine ding for adults yet it’s baby / child friendly too.

I absolutely loved the very natural and stylish decor with the uninterrupted views of the bay plus it’s only a five minute walk from Ibiza Town should you want to venture there afterwards. One great thing about this restaurant, if you’re heading here with kids, is the early opening time. Other restaurants we tried wouldn’t take a reservation before 8pm but at Sa Punta we could get here at 7pm and have Oscar back in bed not too late. It was a little empty so early on but that was a good thing for us!

We ordered some of my favourites for starters such as Iberic Bellota cured ham with cristal bread  and tomato as well as yellow tail tiraditos with jalapeño and tomato.

Main course was the most delicious fresh spaghetti with prawns as will as wild sea bass, Asian stock and bok choy. If you like Asian flavours, the restaurant’s sister property stand adjacent Patchwork and Ginger serves exotic Asian food in a colourful setting. I don’t think Sa Punta has a chidlren’s menu but there are plenty of child-friendly options particularly at lunch time such as pasta, Chicken Milanese, grilled fish and sandwiches.

I hope that you enjoy my first baby-friendly restaurant guide! I apologise that I didn’t go to more restaurants! What kind of thing do you look for in a child friendly restaurant? I’d love to know what I should include.