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Ten Places to Go on Your Babymoon

It’s time for you and your other half to go on your final fling before the responsibility of your baby is in your hands. The world is your oyster (sort of!) so where have you always wanted to go, or is there a special place that you’ve always wanted to return to?

Where not to Go…

Ok, let’s get this out the way first! There are quite a few destinations to avoid when pregnant and though I couldn’t possibly list of all of them I thought I’d give you a heads up about a few. Firstly Zika – a disease spread by mosquitoes that can cause birth defects if contracted by pregnant women. Anywhere where Zika is prevalent should be avoided due to the potential dangers and unfortunately that does rule a lot of places out such as several South American countries, some places in the Caribbean and some countries in Asian. Check out the government guidelines to see where to avoid.
It’s also advisable to avoid places where you have to have vaccinations or take malaria tablets. Again I couldn’t list all of those places, but you can’t enter Tanzania for example without proof of Yellow Fever vaccination so it’s best avoided altogether. Safari in South Africa should also be counted out due to the malaria risks and I would personally avoid this type of holiday anyway as early starts, long days and very hot sun will take it’s toll on your pregnant body.

Short Haul 

(I’m based in the UK so short haul usually refers to Europe plus nearby countries in North Africa etc)

Personally for me the comfort and ease of short haul is the way to go when pregnant. There’s no uncomfortable sitting on a plane for ten hours or worry about being pregnant and so far from home. Plus most European countries don’t require vaccinations or worry about tropical diseases. If you’re not comfortable with leaving the UK at all, check out my suggestions for a babymoon staycation.


Our favourite country! A short flight and the perfect place to get your fill of beautiful hotels, great service and delicious food!

1. Belmond Timeo, Sicily 

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that Italy was my destination of choice for our babymoon. After careful consideration (and much spread-sheeting) it seemed perfect to return to our favourite country for our final hoorah! We chose Sicily as it meant returning to our beloved Italy but still seeing a new place plus getting an island break somewhere that we felt safe.

2. Il San Pietro di Positano, Amalfi Coast 

For a relaxing babymoon I’d definitely recommend a stay in the Amalfi Coast at Il San Pietro di Positano, a gorgeously private hotel with two beautiful restaurant (one with a Michelin star) and a private beach.

3. Il Salviatino, Florence

You can enjoy glorious privacy in this beautiful villa property, Il Salviatino, high in the hills of Florence whilst still within easy reach of the glamorous shops, restaurants and culture of Florence for special date nights. A trip to Florence could also be combined with heading out to the country side for bowls of pasta under the Tuscan sun!

4. Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is somewhere to totally relax and enjoy time together whilst admiring the stunning views of Lake Como. Grand Hotel Tremezzo has several restaurants, including a pizza bar, the perfect place to indulge any cravings! The spa is one of the best I’ve been to and I’d definitely recommend a morning in the couple’s spa suite where you can request a maternity massage.


5. Santo Maris Oia, Santorini

The perfect place for romance! Santorini is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited and we loved our stay in a beautiful villa suite at Santo Maris Oia which was only a short walk from the other gorgeous shops and restaurant of Oia… it’s the perfect place for some couple time. 
Two words of warning Santorini has lots of steps and steep pathways so may not be ideal in the later months of pregnancy. Also as it’s a small island we were told there’s no emergency unit so if you were to suffer complications etc you’d have to be taken to Crete.

6. Amanzoe, Porto Heli 

One of the things that makes Amanzoe great for a babymoon is the huge individual villa-style pavillion rooms which all come with a private pool. The pavilion is the perfect place to relax and I loved the fact that I could sit in the air conditioning while Mr S could bask in the sun in our private outdoor space.
There also lots of choices when it comes to dining, a private beach and a beautiful spa.


Timing a babymoon is a little awkward as you want to go at that perfect sweet spot when you’re over your morning sickness but not so big that travelling is uncomfortable. I personally think 20 – 25 weeks is ideal but that may not work for some. As weather is a factor Morocco could be a good choice when other places in Europe are starting to cool.

7. Kasbah Tamadot

We loved Richard Branson’s hotel Kasbah Tamadot in the Atlas Mountains and while it’s remote enough for romance, it’s still only 45 minutes from Marrakech if you still want the peace of mind of being near a city.

We loved the gorgeous pool with the view and Moroccan food is very pregnancy friendly as everything is very well cooked and there a touch of spice if you’re craving it!

Medium Haul

If you’re for sun but need to travel during the cooler months in Europe but don’t want the discomfort of a long haul flight, medium haul could be the ideal solution.

8. Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is a great choice for a babymoon as there’s plenty of sunshine and the flight isn’t too bad and neither is the jet lag. The luxury hotels in Dubai have everything you need, many with multiple restaurants and stunning spas. We loved our stay at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach a few years ago, there’s a adults only pool, several restaurants and a private beach!

Long Haul 

I made the choice to avoid long haul and honestly I’m glad I did as I took my final flight at 28 weeks pregnant and even that three flight was hard on my back. If you’re planning long haul for you babymoon, I’d recommend the trip is taken early in pregnancy.

South Africa

Whilst I made a point about avoiding safari due to malaria risk, there is no need to avoid South African areas such as Cape Town which are zika and malaria-free (though I’m not a doctor, if in doubt about any destination, consult a doctor). South Africa is a nearly all round destination, perfect if you have a narrow window of opportunity, and being on the same time zone, you won’t experience exhausting jet lag.

8. Ellerman House

Ellerman House is a gorgeous home-away-home from home style hotel and while it’s located in picturesque Bantry Bay, it’s very close to Cape Town city centre and the diverse food and culture that can be experienced there. Cape Town is the ideal ‘best of both worlds’ destination that incorporates beach, stunning landscape but also cosmopolitan restaurants and plenty of history.


9. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur California 

Mr S and I visited Post Ranch Inn on our honeymoon and I vowed to returned to this beautiful cliff top hotel one day! Post Ranch Inn is adult-only so the perfect place to get a last bit of ‘you’ time.

There’s a beautiful restaurant,  a stunning spa, star gazing… and if being active during pregnancy is your thing there are plenty of hikes, beach walks and yoga.

10. Gansevoort Meatpacking, New York 

If you’re idea of a perfect babymoon is a city break, where better than New York? Copious choice when it comes to restaurants, shoppings, theatre, spa and culture. The flight and jet lag aren’t too bad and you’ll be in easy reach of leading hospitals when you’re there.

We loved the Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District for the neighbourhood feel and proximity to great shops and restaurants but make sure you request a lower floor room as the bar and nightclub could disturb your all in important night’s sleep.

Those are my babymoon suggestions. Did you go on a babymoon? Where did you visit?