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My Baby Shower

One thing I was keen to do when I found out I was pregnant was to have a baby shower. I don’t think they’re too common in the UK yet as I’ve only been to a few myself even though many of my friends have children but that being the case I don’t get to see a them as often as I used to. Plus lots of people have moved away and meeting up just becomes harder and harder.

A baby on the way is such a wonderful reason to meet up and a beautiful way to create special memories!

My sister Jen was kind enough to host and together with my friend Theresa (who runs Hummingbird Events) they put together the most special day!
I didn’t know too much about what would happen on the day and it was mostly kept as a surprise but I knew afternoon tea / brunch had been planned to give the best of both worlds of sweet and savoury.

I was so happy so many people were able to make it on the day, here’s my mum and mother in law. 
And so many friends who I’ve known from school, university and work, right up to now and friends I’ve met more recently through blogging. Plus my nephew Charlie made an appearance too!

We played fun games…

Like guess the size of the bump! (My mum won!).  
Posed for lots of photos! Thank you to photographer, Andie Moore for coming on the day!
Tucked into cake and massive scones…

Before opening my presents and seeing all the lovely things that had been bought for baby Silver. 
One particularly special present was my own favourite childhood toy which my sister had found in my parents attic ten years ago and kept all this time, always planning to give it to me on my baby shower.

Another friend of mine custom made me a beautiful, Mummy Spoon hat! Perfect for Insta photos!
Everyone was sent home with the cutest party favours, mini spoon biscuits! And I just loved the way everything had been personalised so beautifully!

It was such a wonderful and perfect day and a big thank you to Jen and Theresa for organising it and to everyone else for coming!