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Saturday Spanish Feasting Brunch at Aqua Nueva

I was invited to review brunch at Aqua Nueva and our food and drink was complimentary. I was not paid to attend and was not under contractual obligation to write this blog post or create content on any platform. 

My mum recently said to me… ‘I don’t really like brunch…’ to which I had to explain to her that brunch was no longer that late breakfast that you have at around 11.30, waiting hungry all morning nor is it kind of a combo of two meals that must somehow involve eggs in some form… now brunch is conceptual, you can eat it in when ever you what (probably around 2pm meaning you still have breakfast too…) and you can eat whatever you want, though usually alcohol in some form is involved. 
You can ‘brunch’ in all different forms around London but the new Saturday Spanish Feasting Brunch at Aqua Nueva is certainly the first Spanish themed brunch I’ve tried. You’ve heard me talk about Aqua group on this blog before, having visited Aqua Shard several times for breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails plus trying various set menus at Aqua Kyoto. Aqua Nueva actually shares a building with Aqua Kyoto so visitors can choose between Spanish or Japanese food in this gorgeous restaurant space with a view over London. 
This time I was turning down the Spanish side and welcomed by a giant blue bull! 
There’s no mistaking which side of the restaurant is Aqua Kyoto and which Aqua Nueva as both are individually decorated to reflect their style. The Saturday Spanish Feasting Brunch is a set menu created by Head Chef Yahir Gonzalez, and at £35 each it’s quite a bargain. Guests can also choose from two drinks packages.

You can either have a glass of Cava, a glass of wine and a glass of Sangria for an extra £18, or glass of Cava, three glasses of wine and a glass of Sangria for £28.
Brunch begins with pan con tomate – toasted crystal tomato bread – something I always personally order in tapas restaurants, especially in Spain itself. I don’t think you can have a Spanish feast without it. Bread comes with a selection of croquettes both ham and seafood which are perfect for popping in the mouth to enjoy a delicious smoky flavour. 
An avocado salad with bitter leaf salad is a really refreshing accompaniment and has a lovely crunch from the bitter leaves. 
Next comes the classic Spanish tortilla served with an aioli sauce along with a skewer of marinated rump of beef with a ‘green sauce’ of coriander, olive oil, sea salt, garlic and cumin. Both are delicious and perfectly cooked. 
Finally, you simply can’t have a Spanish feast without a paella… honestly though it was tasty, I thought it was a little meagre with only two prawns and four mussels. Also the prawns hadn’t been deveined, not necessarily a huge problem but something that I personally find a little off-putting. 
Finally dessert stuck with our Spanish theme with pistachio churros with mango and passionfruit sauce – totally morish.

The brunch will be available every Saturday from 12.00-4.00pm for £35, with the additional drinks costs mentioned above. If you’re a big fan of Spanish food and the concept of brunch, I think you’re in for a treat!

Aqua Nueva
240 Regent Street

020 7478 0540