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Relaxing at The Bulgari Spa

We’re in the ages of technology, social media and smart phones and if there’s something that defines first world millennial problems it’s those aches and pains that that you get from constantly being on a computer or looking down at you phone. As someone who spends the majority of their life either on a computer or on their phone it’s no surprise I often suffer from back pain. I’d honestly never thought of using an osteopath until Susannah Makram, a leading Osteopath and Naturopath, got in touch and offered her services to me. 
Susannah bases her practice in the plush environs of the Bulgari Spa at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge which at 200o metres squared is actually one of the biggest spas in London. The spa itself is beautiful with the minimalist chic aesthetic seen throughout the hotel – it’s one of those places that’s understated but you can just see the quality in the onyx, oak and Vicenza stone materials that make up the spa.

There’s eleven private treatment rooms and one spa suite which is just the epitome of zen. Honestly, I was a little nervous about the osteopathy as I’d never had it before and some of the words on the website (cranial osteopathy, lymphatic drainage and spinal adjustments) freaked me out a bit. But the lovely Susannah made me feel totally at ease and designs the treatments bespoke to every client. I needn’t have been worried as Susannah proceeded to give me a deep tissue massage that would help with my posture, improve my sleep and help with any injuries. She also specialises in cupping massage, which again made me nervous as I’ve seen celebrities with cup marks on their backs and I had my friend’s wedding that weekend.

But Susannah reassured me this wouldn’t be the case with her therapy. Cupping is sort of the opposite of massage and uses gentle pressure to pull muscles up which is actually very relaxing and also effective as tissues up to four inches deep from the external skin are reached. Once again I didn’t need to worry as I was safe in her hands, the cupping was a pleasant sensation and left no marks what so ever.

After my 40 minute treatment my back already felt free from tension and Susannah advised I come and see her on a regular basis. She can also offer advice on skin care, nutrition, weight loss, hair loss and fertility advice all in the elegant environment of the Bulgari spa. 
After the treatment Susannah led me to the relaxation area where guests can take an individual bed and enjoy some time by the fire with some healthy snacks. 
The pool is one of the most gorgeous indoor pools I’ve seen and it’s large for a central London hotel at 25 metres. Green and gold mosaics line the bottom, creating a stylish shimmering effect.

I couldn’t say my back pain and neck stiffness were cured after treatment but what I can say is the Susannah’s calm approachable manner alleviated any fears that I had regarding osteopathy and I’m keen to return to find out what else it can do for me.

Visit Susannah Makram

250 King’s Road,
London SW3 5UE

Bulgari Hotel, Bulgari Hotel SPA London
171 Knightsbridge
London SW7 1DW

My treatment was complimentary