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WIN Dinner at Aqua Kyoto London

Aqua has long been one of my favourite restaurant groups, I’ve had several birthdays at Aqua Kyoto London, afternoon tea at sister restaurant Aqua Shard and several fantastic meals at Chinese counterpart, Hutong. In fact, I’m such a big fan that I’ve even eaten in their Hong Kong restaurant AND been on the boat, Aqua Luna. Which is why I couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with them to thank my lovely readers with a competition to win dinner at Aqua Kyoto London. Make sure to scroll to the end of this post for details on how to win.

Located in the hub of London’s West End on Argyll Street, Aqua Kyoto is the perfect place for a top night out. Guests enter via the iconic bar, Aqua Spirit and choose one of the signature cocktails to enjoy on one of London’s best roof terraces.

With clear views of London’s landmarks and a terrace that wraps around the restaurant, there are very few other places in London quite like it!

The interior of Aqua Kyoto is just super sexy; black and red with a central sushi counter where you can watch the chefs at work under an artful red lantern.
For this competition I’ll be giving away an Experience menu for two, featuring a selection of Chef Paul Greening’s finest dishes. I was lucky enough to meet Chef Paul when I tried Aqua Kyoto’s famous infinity brunch – a former micro biologist, he injects science into his food to create unique and innovative cuisine.
The Experience menu kicks off with a glass of sake that can be served hot or cold before a little bit of the theatre at the table. The spinach salad with toasted sesame and goma dressing is prepared table side and combined to create this famous dish.

The chef selects the finest fish of the day to go into the sashimi selection, which is presented beautifully on our table. On the night we came in we tried salmon, tuna, yellowtail, sea bass, sea bream and scallop served with fresh wasabi from Japan.

I’m a huge fan of the handmade soba noodles at Aqua Kyoto and this big bowl between two is almost like a warm hug. Containing fresh crab and mentaiko with bonito flakes on top, it’s just full of flavour and so perfectly prepared.

Mr S’s absolute favourite course is the lamb cutlets, cooked beautifully with a good hit of chilli and served with tomato miso. I’m a good wife and let him have three of the four.  
The sushi course showcases spring vegetables with asparagus rolls wrapped in skins, uniquely prepared with mango or beetroot. 
The dessert on the Experience menu is a chocoholic’s dream! A delice served with sesame praline, kaki fruit sorbet and ginger wafters is the perfect finish to an incredible meal at Aqua Kyoto.
And if that wasn’t enough, coffee and petit fours are the final touch.

To win the Experience Menu for two just fill your details into the Rafflecopter mechanism below; competition closes 21st August.

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Terms and Conditions.

  1. The prize is an Experience Menu for two.
  2. Winner and guest must be over 18.
  3. Booking is subject to availability.
  4. Prize must be claimed by December 2018.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Aqua Kyoto

  • I love Aqua Kyoto – my fingers are very much crossed!! Those soba noodles are amazing and that chocolate dessert has my name all over it!

  • Now this is a prize! Every course looks perfect, and that pudding is a divine treat!

  • Jane Willis

    Oh this looks like a wonderful experience. Bestie and I have been promising ourselves a get-together in London for absolutely ages and this would be a brilliant way to enjoy ourselves.

  • Beth

    This looks AMAZING. Have been dying to dine in the shard!

  • vivek

    Awsome….! goes foodie…!

  • Kat Balyuzi

    I’ve been to the bar here but never eaten, just watched on with jealousy!

  • Mia D Clarke

    would love to win as I LOVE food especially if someone else has lovingly made it

  • Jacqui S

    I’m trying hard to follow in Angie’s footsteps. Only managed Belmond Pullman so far though!


  • Anita

    hi, newish reader to your blog -I found you because we are going to Japan in October so I was googling for Japan tips and came across your posts from your Japan trip- I’ve read them all and taken notes of where I want to go/eat! Great posts.
    This meal would be the perfect Japan preparation experience -I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

    • I’m so glad that you found me!! Let me know if you need further tips!

  • Hand on heart, this is a rather scrumptious competition!

  • Nat Newham

    I would like to win as I have yet to enjoy such a high-end dining experience 🙂

  • Peonies and lilies

    The food looks amazing, fingers crossed!

  • Gary J Berry

    The meal looks so good and whoever wins is very lucky!!

  • I’ve never actually been to a restaurant where you can see the chefs cook… they sound super fancy though and I would love to go to one!
    Aleeha xXx

  • Rachael Simmons

    I’d love to take my mum out when she’s better as eating out is her favourite pastime. The poshest Japanese meal we’ve ever had is Wagamama!

  • Believe it or not, this is somewhere I haven’t been!

  • Rita Udeshi Mistry

    This sounds like a fantastic experience, just your pictures alone make me want to go to Aqua Kyoto.

  • Gill Barwood

    I would love to win this and treat my lovely brother who lives in London to a meal. We hardly get to see each other on our own these days so we could catch up on each others news, enjoy some fantastic food, and hopefully I could stay the night at his after!

  • Rosalind Sargent

    its mine and my husbands 30th wedding Anniversary in October and he is always taking me to lovely places so for a change I would love to take him out he is very special and deserves a very special treat

  • lyn

    Perfect treat & excuse to try this lovely looking menu

  • I love that place!

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    My other half and I are having a weekend in London in September and this would be such a lovely treat for us! We are both foodies and enjoying eating at new places and trying new foods – this would definitely be up our street!

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    Husband and I like very much like to try different cuisines and restaurants in and around London. We’re foodie obsessed!

  • Vanessa Cox

    Dinner for two seems something of the past since my daughter was born … she is 14 now but it is still hard to find some time alone with my husband! Perhaps if I’m lucky enough we will have the opportunity to escape for a little while 🙂

  • Rob Cherry

    I’d love this, since surgery last year I need a mainly protein & veggie diet, so `sushi wins !

  • Jo Carroll

    It looks like perhaps the most genuine representation of quality Hong Kong cuisine in the UK at the moment and finances dictating I wont be able to fly all the way over to HK any time soon …it would make a real treat to experience a little Chinese culture on my doorstep instead. x

  • Liam Bishop

    Wow I would love to eat here, looks fab! What an experience.

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    After many years we recently married, we didnt have a honeymoon so this special date would be really lovely !

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    This would be so lovely 🙂

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    Would love to treat my special daughter in law.

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    I’d love to win this as the perfect August perk after a turbulent summer! What better way to celebrate than at the beautiful aqua Kyoto ❤

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    This looks fabulous. I have never had Japanese food, so would love to try this.

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    I’d like one to win as it’d make a fabulous treat for my husband

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    thanks for the opportunity Angie, fingers crossed :)))

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    Looks so divine, I hope I can go and dine!

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    Back in 2000 we went to Japan and I fell in love with the cuisine. I have never been to Aqua Kyoto but would so love to

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    The food looks amazing and the location unforgettable!

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    My wife and I love new eating experiences. I adore Japanese food. and would love to give my wife a chance to see what is all about!

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    My Daughter would love this have never taken her to proper Japanese its her 15th soon

  • Sandra Labelle

    My son and family live in Crawley, West Sussex and it would be a Grand Slam if this Canadian won so I could combine my win at the Silver Spoon in London as I do love the Japanese cuisine and a nice visit with my oldest son and his family. I am sure the five of them will come along on my visit to the fabulous Silver Spoon. Good luck to all the participants.

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    I love Japanese food and am very interested in the idea of food mixed with science!! What a treat !

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    Other than the food looks amazing! I would love to surprise my hubby with a night out, would be wonderful! xx

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    I’ve walked by so many times and have wondered what it’s like to go up the left to Aqua Kyoto! I’ve also heard wonderful things about everything from the food, to the great views over Regents Street, I’d love to check it out.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    The food there looks amazing and it’s all beautifully presented!

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    Id love to win – I’ve been to Aqua for teh roof terrace but never been lucky enough to have dinner there! Fingers Crossed!!

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    amazing views and tasty food are two main reason I want to win.
    also, I want to break the pattern of takeaways and eat in restaurant once in a while:)

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    This tasting menu looks delightful and would love to experience a Paul Greening’s Tasting Menu at Aqua Kyoto http://aquakyoto.co.uk/mod/menu/428

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