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August Adventures: Monthly Round Up

Life  Lately: It’s wedding season! My cousin got married over the bank holiday weekend and it was a great opportunity to get everyone together and catch up with the whole family.

Perfect day for a wedding! My cousin is getting married and I’m super excited to celebrate!

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This coming weekend will see the wedding of my dear friend Jess in Cambridge! It’s a part of UK I’ve not explored yet so Mr S and I plan on making a weekend of it.

After fifteen years (!) of getting highlights I’m super excited to have had a bit of a hair makeover.

I’ve had balayage done on my hair and I’m loving the new more natural look.

Restaurants: With lots of travel, restaurant reviews have been a little thin on the ground this month. But I ticked Mei Ume, the new Asian restaurant at Four Seasons Ten Trinity, off my list on a dinner date with Lauren.

I also caught up with Laura for afternoon tea at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane to celebrate her birthday and had bank holiday rosé with Aftab, Emma, Zoe and Binny at Chiltern Firehouse.

Travel: I think I’ve travelled more than ever this year and over summer I was going away every two weeks on a mix of group press trips, individual trips and personal holidays. My trip to Petit St. Vincent was perhaps one of my favourite group press trips of all time. I felt so lucky to be invited to stay on this unique private island in the Caribbean. I gave an epic tour of the resort, told you all about the food and reflected on a fantastic day spent boating
There’s so much talk about ‘authenticity’ blogosphere and I’d highly recommend giving my friend Catherine’s post on fake lifestyles a read. Catherine notes that blogs have become filled with sponsored content and complimentary hotel stays and as such are losing touch with reality. Whilst I do take press trips and complimentary hotel stays, I have always and will continue to post about my personal holidays and places that I love without any form of incentive. My trip to Iceland was a personal holiday 100% paid for by us, it was a country that absolutely inspired me and I really hope you enjoyed reading about our time there as much as I enjoyed writing about it. 
The luxury experience at the Blue Lagoon was a total bucketlist experience for me, read my post to find out whether it really is worth going for the premium package. We also enjoyed a night in Reykjavik at design 101 Hotel before heading north for a stay in one of my all time favourite hotels, Deplar Farm
I’ve also continued to maintain that my blog isn’t about producing sponsored content but it is also about my personal journey particularly how travel has enriched my life. I love writing posts such as facing my fear on the Drangey Island hike and I will continue to write more like it.

So where’s next? It’s Mr S’s birthday at the end of September so we’re looking to book a weekend away. Apart from that and a few UK breaks we actually don’t have anything else booked. I feel like the world is my oyster! Where would you like to see me go?

Blog Love: 

Claire and Laura wrote a fantastic post on the representation of anxiety and depression in social media.
I want to book a stay Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge after reading Sabrina’s post.
Aftab and Zoe paid a visit to Scotland.
I loved the look of rustic luxe hotel Azulik where Lauren stayed on her incredible Mexico trip.
Jess guided us through the perfect city break to Bern.

  • What a month Angie (actually, I feel like I say that every month…!)

  • I love your hair at the moment, so much! xx

  • Helen Andreou

    Great post Angie. Thanks for sharing your friends’ posts on “Fake Lifestyle” and “Social Media Anxiety/Depression” both articles are bang on. Social Media can be cruel and very fake especially I’ve noticed on Facebook where people are under pressure to live this “fabulous lifestyle” or just post when they’re doing something fab and really, it isn’t anyone else they are making envious, they’e making themselves miserable as you can’t possibly enjoy your holiday if your’re forever waiting for the next opportunity to post. There must be something missing in someone’s life if they they are looking to social media to gain affirmation. It’s hard enough when your’re doing a blog post having to take the photos for your blog but when your sponsored or on a press visit, it’s part of your job but it’s become a sad situation where a virtual world mingles and crosses into real life especially hard when you have kids (daughters) where there is so much pressure. There’s a lot of competition in the “blogging world” as there are so many bloggers out there and I love that despite your success, you love to write about what you enjoy and sharing your travel experiences and of course your very lucky to be able to fund so many exciting destinations. Gaining recognition for what you write is a tremendous feeling. For me, that’s all I want, just enjoy posting about what I love, Paris, a few trips, giving people some recommendations, recipes which is where/how I hope to monetize my blog…no pressure, see where it takes me. You’ve had some fabulous trips and restaurant visits and I for one have enjoyed reading all of them and carry on doing what you do best!! Love the hair by the way! xxx

    • Hi Helen,

      I think that you have absolutely the right attitude, I’m so glad that you took the plunge and started your blog – I promise it’ll bring you so much happiness. Though my blog has bought my opportunities such as press trips and brand collaborations it’s also given me more confidence, reasons to step out of my comfort zone and of course incredible friends!! Keep doing you!!!

      • Helen Andreou

        Ahh, thanks Angie, thank you so much for your kind words. You’ve been a constant source of support and I appreciate that a great deal. It definitely is the one thing I am so passionate about. If I could spend the whole day writing with no other commitments I would carry on writing until midnight, I get annoyed when I have to stop to prepare dinner or pop out 🙂 it’s a case of organising my life to fit around the blog but I love it so much. I’m going to take the plunge and do a solo trip to Paris and go on a macaron baking class, I’m fulfilling my dreams finally after dedicating so many years to my family, I’m just not the same person I was when I left school and didn’t know what I wanted to do. You’re absolutely right, blogging does bring confidence and reasons to definitely step out of your comfort Zone. I’m looking forward to hearing about your plans for your hubby’s birthday and all your forthcoming trips and outings. x

  • A brilliant month Angie.

  • It sounds like, yet again, you’ve had a fabulous month! Looking forward to reading Catherine’s post, as it sounds very interesting x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • Binny Shah-Patel

    Ah an amazing month!!! was so good to catch up xxx

  • Suze

    What fun times you’ve had, Petit St Vincent looks beautiful and Iceland is a fascinating country. Your hair is looking great

  • The slow pace

    Come to the North of Germany! We’ll be happy to be your guides! 😉

  • Melissa Beare

    I’d love to see a visit to Ireland sometime! Castles, cliffs, etc… I keep reading your blog b/c I think it’s a good mix of sponsored and purely personal travel and your reviews strike me as very honest either way so I appreciate the sentiment re: fake lifestyles. Plus, you stick to your theme. I hate when “travel” bloggers are suddenly posting reviews about how much they love Tide Stain Sticks or Swiffer Wet Jets. That smells like a selling out. I started blogging last year as a way to store all my photos, keep a log of our trips and as a fun, creative outlet. I haven’t had any interest in monetizing it or trying to increase my followers through SEOs or the like (not that there is anything wrong with that) but it’s still enjoyable to me and I love looking back over old pictures and trips. Your blog has given me some great travel ideas over the past few years so keep it up!

    • I’m so glad to have found loyal readers like yourself Melissa. I hope you continue to enjoy the content. Of course there’s lots of exciting things planned!!

  • Another incredible month Angie! I’m totally lusting after Petit St Vincent and I’m now gutted that Ian is going on a boys only trip to Iceland lol! Can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes you xx

  • Looks like your August was absolutely amazing, and I really love your new hair. xoxo,