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Sushi on Sloane Street at Sumosan Twiga

Always on the look out for new and different places, Mr S and I were excited to be invited to review the new Sumosan Twiga in Knightsbridge, having missed the opportunity to try the contemporary Japanese food when the Mayfair branch closed. Located in a super-chic townhouse on Sloane Street (near Prada, Valentino and Jimmy Choo – don’t arrive early it could be dangerous) it’s located across three floors with a nightclub in the basement – the idea being that you spend your whole night under one roof.

A little different to the London predecessor and to the Moscow original founded by Janina Wolkow. The restaurant serves the contemporary Japanese menu that the brand is known for but also includes an Italian menu as part of a collaboration with Flavio Briatore founder of Italian beach club, Twiga. I know what you’re thinking, a restaurant serving an Italian menu AND a Japanese menu, isn’t that a little random? Well I was open-minded as a restaurant serving my two favourite cuisines could be something great – and of course you can order all from one menu or you’re free to mix and match.

The decor is pretty too and as well as Asian and European touches, there are African references due to Flavio Briatore’s love of Kenya where he also has a resort. We even recognised photos on the wall of Giraffe Manor which we fell in love with on trip last October.

Our starting nibbles reflected the two different cuisines available at the restaurant, a really good and varied bread basket and some delicious salty edamame beans.  
As huge lovers of Asian food we decided to stick mainly to the Japanese food that Sumosan is known for. In fact Head Chef Konstantin Tskhay from the Mayfair restaurant continues at the new location and has put together a menu of favourites as well as new dishes. We loved the gyoza with wagyu and a tasty dipping sauce though I found the wasabi prawns a little less successful as there was a little too much of the very sweet mango and passion fruit salsa.

Salmon pizza on crispy rice with bonito powder was a really tasty fusion food and something a little different to usual Japanese fare. 
Our only savoury dish from the Italian menu was a regular favourite of ours, artichoke and parmesan salad. Chef Ferdinando Palomba  has been hired to oversee the Italian menu, and this artichoke salad was so tasty and fresh that we regretted not ordering more of his food!

The J Secret platter was a surprise combination of sashimi and featured my favourites, tuna, salmon, sea bass and prawns in piquant sauce. 
Spicy tuna is always my top choice when it comes to sushi, and the rolls ticked all the boxes. The Billionaire’s roll with Wagyu beef and truffle was lovely in itself but again I thought the pool of sweet sauce was unnecessary.
The miso black cod was the standout dish of the night with beautifully succulent flesh that flaked apart perfectly. We also loved the teriyaki chicken that was juicy and full of flavour.
Miso aubergine is a dish that can go horribly wrong but at Sumosan Twiga it was prepared perfectly and not overly sweet as it can be. The ideal vegetable accompaniment to the other dishes.
Dinner at Sumosan Twiga simply has to end with the fondant under a spun sugar dome and delicious molten chocolate oozed out of this beautifully prepared sponge. Our other dessert of apple crumble with pecans is a dessert we’ll always order on if we see it on the menu and that was delicious too.

Overall we had a really tasty meal at Sumosan Twiga and it’s great to see a sushi hotspot among the fashionable boutiques of Sloane Street.

Sumosan Twiga
165 Sloane Street

020 3096 0222

Our dinner was complimentary.