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Mind, Body and Soul: Sense Spa at Rosewood Mayakoba

Sense, A Rosewood Spa at Rosewood Mayakoba was the most beautiful spa that I’ve ever visited…and I’ve been to a fair few in my time! Located in a tropical jungle, simply entering the spa, a feeling of calm comes over you as you feel cocooned in nature and away from any of the stresses of modern life. 
Crossing the Puente del Balneario bridge to the Sense spa private island is pretty much a path way to heaven. Designed as a retreat-within-a retreat, the spa is huge but it doesn’t feel like that at all. There are plenty of private nooks and relaxation areas that still allow for a feeling of intimacy. 
My first trip to spa allowed me to try one of their signature treatments which has been inspired by the beautiful tropical setting in Mexico as well as the local Mayan culture. 
A soothing detoxifying drink was pressed into my hand as I had a little time to look around before my treatment.
The spa has its own adults only pool which is a little more shaded, and much quieter than the other pools. 
Located inside is the beautifully designed spa facility which includes therapeutic plunge pools, experiential showers, steam grottos and sauna. There’s plenty of other amenities too, luxurious toiletries, healthy snacks, lemon water…the usual spa essentials but better!

And indoor relaxation area uses natural colours and materials in order to enhance that feeling of calm…but my favourite part of the whole spa was the outdoor relaxation area…
With its indoor / outdoor setting and flowing waterfall you can feel at one with nature and all the senses are evoked whilst still enjoying the comfort of the spa facilities and a refreshing glass of orange infused water.

Honestly, I could have sat here all day feeling the breeze of this January day drift through the pavilion, listening to the gentle patter of the water and sipping my drink. But soon the therapist came to find me to begin my three-hour long treatment. The therapist herself simply radiated peace and positivity and I just knew my tranquil spa journey would be safe in her hands.

I would be experiencing the ‘Kuxtal’ Sensory Garden Ritual which harnesses ideas from ancient Mayan culture in order to bring balance and well-being to mind and body. Kuxtal, the Mayan word for ‘Life’ draws on the idea that Mayan shamans saw a connection between all living things and the treatment uses rituals to awaken all the senses through interaction with nature. We started in the rock garden, where the therapist lit some incense and we took in deep breaths allowing the peace of the moment to envelop us. 
From here we headed into the garden, a beautiful conservatory-like space with hanging plants, boxed herbs and flowers.
To awaken my sense of taste and make my perceptions even clearer I was give a refreshing grapefruit drink before exploring the garden further. The Sense spa is all about fusing traditional Mayan practices and indigenous ingredients with modern ideas. So local plants such as agave cactus and aloe are frequently incorporated into the treatments.
The therapist explained to me about the Ancient Mayan concept of Hunab Ku. Meaning ‘Supreme God’ or ‘One Being’ it encompasses all the opposites in the universe and unites them as one; male and female, dark and light. It can mean the movement of life energy, the cycle of life and the balance in all things – basically the Mayan version of Ying and Yang – with the idea being to find peace and balance in yourself through nature and release from stress.

I was told to choose my favourite plant in the garden simply through touch and smell and by using my intuition; to find something in nature that I had a spontaneous connection with. I soon narrowed it down to two and with spearmint winning out, the therapist didn’t seem surprised. I’d mentioned tiredness, jet lag and stress in my consultation form and she knew it was the perfect herb to revive and refresh me.

She then used my chosen herb to custom blend creams and oils for my treatment and prepare poultices. 
Away from the garden, my therapist led me to the treatment room…
The spa itself is totally open plan and completely encompassed by forest…it’s 17,000 square foot of walkways, waterfalls, rivers and beautiful natural outcroppings. 
As with the rest of the hotel, it was big but it still felt intimate and special.
I especially loved this relaxation area in a natural outcropping by the water.
One of twelve treatment rooms and eight island suites, I had a perfect view of the river. And now it was time to put down the camera and well and truly relax as the therapist began with a scrub to revitalise and refresh my skin. After a quick shower it was back on the bed for a full body massage using warm oil and poultices to relax my muscles and release any tension and create that sought after feeling of balance and restoration.
All that was left was for me to return to the relaxation to enjoy another herbal drink and take a little time to fully absorb the incredible peace of the place.

My second trip to the spa involved trying something totally new to me…
Floating yoga! Our private class took place at the spa pool and involved holding various yoga poses whilst floating on a paddle board. 
Not gonna lie…I was rubbish while Thash was amazing at it! But the instructor gently reminded me it wasn’t necessarily important to be good at it just hold the pose as best you can and engage the key muscles. I actually found it was also important to really engage my mind as it was when I lost focus that I became wobbly. Holding down dog pose whilst wearing a bikini is never going to be really elegant but it was lots of fun trying something new and I did manage not to fall in!

The spa offers a full list of body treatments and massage as well as facials, skin care, wellness, fitness and beauty. A visit to Rosewood Mayakoba at the Mayakoba resort is not complete without a trip to the beautiful Sense spa.


Rosewood Mayakoba
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I was invited to review by Rosewood Mayakoba and the Mayakoba Resort