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Science meets Skin at The House of ELEMIS Day Spa

The House of ELEMIS had always been one of my favourite day spas but some how it had slipped off my radar and I hadn’t visited for quite a while. So when I turned up at the beautiful Townhouse in Mayfair I was surprised to see quite a change. Gone were the swaths of silk and Moroccan influenced decor and in their place were white walls and modern clean lines.
Entry is via the spa shop where the luxurious skin care products are available for sale.DSC_2289
The concept behind the ELEMIS brand is ‘science meets skin’ so the products have been developed using ground breaking techniques and the earth’s natural resources to nourish, energise and boost the skin. Ingredients are marine and plant-based and all are ethically sourced and extracted and then boosted with ‘next generation’ technology.
The spa itself consists of The Penthouse, a larger space with two treatments room available for private hire, a speed spa for people in a hurry and the private treatment rooms which I would be checking out today.
The treatment room housed the pioneering BIOTECH machine, which I’d already trialled in my recent facial at The Intercontinental Park Lane, a fab treatment that reduced my skin redness and left my face feeling super soft.DSC_2276
Having your own wardrobe and a private area to get changed means there’s no messing around with changing rooms and fiddly lockers and you can just relax in total privacy. DSC_2265
Each treatment room contains ELEMIS exclusive Amber and Quartz Crystal bed with heated crystals to help release muscle tension and detoxify. I have to say that when I first lay down on the bed I found it very hard to lie on the crystals beneath but the therapist moulded and shaped them around me to increase my comfort and help to deepen the relaxation.

I would be experiencing the Poultice-Powered Muscle Release massage. It was the ideal choice for me as I spend most of my day at a computer writing and editing photos so I get lots of tension in my back and neck. I also do a great deal of strength training and it seemed ideal to give some release to my hard-working muscles ;). DSC_2269
I’m usually a wimp when it comes to massages and I prefer light pressure but as this treatment uses medium pressure, I had to man up a bit! The spa therapist uses and amber and quartz poultice combined with eucalyptus and juniper oil to target each area of tension. Despite the harder pressure, the massage was so relaxing and the scent of the beautifully fragrant oil meant that I was close to drifting off to sleep. Tension melted away as the skilled hands of the therapist worked on the knots in my back and shoulders and the minerals in the poultice worked their magic.
I really enjoyed my treatment and there were lots of others that I like the sound of such as the Garden of England Rose restore which uses rose, camelina and poppy seed oils to renew the skin. Or the Sweet Orchid wrap where you are cocooned in aromatic oil to leave your skin super silky. There are lots of options for facials too and as well as the BIOTECH treatments there are anti-aging, pro-radiance and anti-blemish solutions.

It was great to return to the House of ELEMIS after so many years and I’d highly recommend the Poultice-Powered Muscle Release massage especially for those with a desk job or who participate in a lot of sport.

House of ELEMIS
2 Lancashire Court

0207 499 4995

My massage was complimentary.