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The World’s Best Chinese Restaurant: Lung King Heen, Hong Kong

Any meal that starts with a champagne trolley is sure to be good, and that’s just what kicked off our experience at Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons Hong Kong.DSC_7063DSC_7060 DSC_7068
Lung King Heen is first Chinese restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, making it the best Chinese restaurant in the world! The restaurant also currently holds the title of the 10th Best restaurant in Asia, according to the San Pellegrino world’s best list. DSC_7075 DSC_7077
Now Mr S loves Chinese food, the cuisine probably comes second only to his love of Spanish tapas, and as you can imagine he was incredibly excited to try Lung King Heen. Like many people his favourite dish is Peking duck and pancakes served with all the trimmings. At Lung King Heen the whole duck needs to be ordered at least six hour in advance (at some restaurants it’s 24 or even 48 hours), and you can imagine the power I wielded over him that day, threatening to cancel his duck every time he annoyed me. DSC_7083
As you can imagine, he was on best behaviour and very much looking forward to his reward! Our dinner kicked off with an amuse bouche; quite possibly the most delicious fish cake in the world!
A simple marinated chicken in soy sauce was just the juiciest meat with such perfectly crisp skin; an utterly wonderful dish that would set the tone for what was to come.
Another of Mr Silver’s favourites for our next appetiser, sweetcorn soup with minced chicken and lobster. Think of your average chicken and sweetcorn soup at the local Chinese and elevate by about a thousand times. Incredible flavours, perfectly cooked proteins and consistency that is both thick and comforting but also light and elegant.
DSC_7105 DSC_7109
Then it was time for the real theatre! And as Lung King Heen is located on the fourth floor of the Four Seasons Hong Kong, we could also admire the sweeping view across Victoria Harbour.  The name of the restaurant actually means ‘View of the Dragon.’DSC_7113
Just look at that duck and the perfect glossy skin!DSC_7121 DSC_7128
The duck was expertly carved, table side and we watched with eager anticipation as the skin was stripped off the bird and perfectly plated ready for us to enjoy. The duck is served in two different ways and we started with the classic: DSC_7139
Juicy meat, topped with crispy skin, rolled up in a pancake with cucumber and plum sauce. There was actually less fat on the duck so that the rich flavours of the bird came through but the unctuous fat was still present to enhance the slightly gamey goodness. The skin was paper thin but so crisp that it shattered perfectly in the pancake leaving us totally delighted with the overall package. And was this three-Michelin star duck the best I’ve ever had? I can say a resounding yes!DSC_7141
We took a break from our duck to try some seafood, opting for prawn stir-fried with garlic and chilli. Of course, I can stir fry prawns myself at home but this was just so much more than just a stir fry. It’s hard to describe how a fairly classic dish can be so elevated but Chef Chan Yan Tak was born and raised in Singapore and his knowledge comes from love of food and instinct rather than training. For Chef Tak it’s imperative that even the most simple dishes have the very best quality ingredients available. Every single thing is done from scratch and by hand and Chef Tak is keen to point out that those three Michelin Stars don’t just belong to him but to the whole team. DSC_7149 DSC_7151
The second serving of duck comes minced combined with nuts and a little sauce. I’ve never had duck served like this before and once again it was utterly faultless. Because of the high fat content, I tend to find duck extremely filling, and polishing off a whole one too ourselves was perhaps a bit greedy. DSC_7152
We certainly didn’t need this lobster fried rice, though it was delicious! As our dishes were so filling we didn’t get a chance to try so of the top-notch dim sum on the menu but Lung King Heen is also known for serving a fantastic weekend dim sum lunch and a more wallet-friendly set lunch during the week.
I could barely fit in any of the grilled asparagus, that we’d only ordered to assuage the guilt of having entire meal based mostly on meat and carbs…And dessert was certainly not even an option!

Now is Lung King Heen the best Chinese restaurant in the world? Well I’d have to visit every Chinese restaurant to answer that question but its certainly the best that I’ve ever been to.

Restaurant Review: Lung King Heen

Lung King Heen
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