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Top Ten #TravelBloggerProblems

I absolutely love blogging and writing, and taking photos of everywhere I go…but I don’t think Mr S necessarily loves it all the time. Amongst other things the inability to switch off and simply be in the moment is compromised by the constant need to take photos, tweet and Instagram. Which is why I loved this month’s travel link up topic #travelbloggerproblems, here are my top ten:

1. When you first arrive in a hotel room you’re not allowed to sit down or touch anything no matter how tired you are.DSC_6253
Mr S and I have developed a drill for this. We put all suitcases, bags and coats in the wardrobe and he has to stand in a corner or outside while I photograph the room and all the details. About twenty minutes after I’ve taken pictures of everything and exhausted all possibilities, he’s allowed to sit down / take a shower / have a sleep.

2. The FOMO becomes even worse…you don’t want your readers to think you went to some gorgeous exotic destination and laid by the pool the whole time. Oh no, you have to go on every possible excursion, see every temple and rock formation.DSC_7649
3. You can’t just go to Starbucks / McDonalds / Pizza Hut for lunch. Every meal has to be a local and authentic experience otherwise you aren’t doing it right…there’s a caveat however for when you’ve had food poisoning and just want a ham and cheese toastie.DSC_7690
4. And when you do go for aforementioned authentic meal, you’re not allowed to start your feast until you’ve taken 200 identical photos, done a tweet and an Instagram.PicMonkey Collage
5. Even if you’re absolutely terrified of heights you must force yourself to go in a cable car / sea plane / helicopter because not only will you take the most amazing photos but it’ll make a good story for your blog.IMG_2798 IMG_2933
6. You really just want to see all the touristy things but you have ‘uncover hidden gems’ in order to look different to other bloggers and to find unique experiences for your readers.
7. You realise that you’re never going be one of those Instagram models with tanned long legs and beachy waves in their hair as you spend your whole time with cream all over your mosquito bites, fighting the frizz caused by humidity and feeling chunkier than normal with all the authentic food you’re eating.IMG_2665 IMG_2681
8. You can never switch off  as every moment needs photographing and recording and subsequently tweeting and when you realise you got drunk at that beach bar and forgot to take a picture of that perfectly Instagramable cocktail you beat yourself up about it. And then there’s the worry that you’re not in the usual time zone for most of your followers and what if you start to lose them….DSC_6341DSC_4667DSC_8900
9. You start to realise you need new clothes as the same dress seems to appear a lot on your blog…DSC_2319
In St Lucia…
In Bali
In South Africa
In Cannes
And in Florence…

It’s really comfortable ok…

10. Travel blogging forces you out of your comfort zone, it makes you do things you’re scared of, eat things you’d never normally try, venture off the beaten track, meet up with total strangers…it’s weird but it’s wonderful and starting a travel blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

  • OMG ANGIE. That photo of you lying back with the mosquito bites, with your leg raised.. as I was scrolling down slowly, reading, I thought you were flashing a tit. You gave me a frigging heart attack. I was all kinds of shocked at your new editorial direction! Hahaha, brilliant post though XD

    • Hilarious!! I had to crop the photo though as it was a pretty unflattering angle!

  • but the dress is lovely!:)

  • Hahah I love this post – totally all things which happen to me. I’m the same with clothes, always seems to be the same ones which end up in photos!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Hahaha all of these are so true! My boyfriend gets fed up of waiting for me to take pictures of every meal and I always end up wearing the same outfits on every trip!
    Rachel xxx

  • drsolly

    When lunch arrives, I start to eat. And then I get scolded by everyone else at the table because Angie hasn’t photographed my lunch yet.

  • I am actually rolling around my hotel room laughing right now… I can relate, and I think my certain someone can relate to all Mr S’s woes too… yes, we do need that dish from ALL angles!

    • I’m so glad you agree. We *need* twenty photos of the same dish.

  • Bahaha! Too close to home for me, all of these! I particularly love the body language of Mr S, banished in a corner of a hotel room. Mostly because I recognise that from my husband! I’m exactly the same with the fomo and the authentic food, too. And ouch, those mosquito bites look miserable! Poor you!

  • Lol this is a great post, I’m not a travel blogger but I can relate.
    When you’re starving and your meal arrives but you can’t eat it till you get the perfect shot for Instagram!

  • haha this is brilliant! Funny cause it’s true 😉

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

  • TravelWithNanoB

    Hahaha I loved it and can ditto every word. One thought – our poor husbands. But I think we have “trained” them well. lol

  • Ellie Adams

    Omg I love this post so much Angie and completely agree with every point! That dress is bloody beaut though, I’d wear it over and over again too!


  • HandLuggageOnly

    Hahaha!!! SO hilarious and oh so true!!! Perfectly nailed Angie!

  • Haha, I love this – it’s like a worldwide confessional for travel bloggers everywhere! Awesome post as always 🙂 (P.S. It’s a lovely dress, don’t worry!)

  • It’s true about never switching off, I’m in Portugal now and so much for a digital detox 😉

  • All very true and funny. I really like that blue dress though so don’t ditch it!

    • Thanks Stephanie, the dress is bound to make further appearances.

  • Rachel Hosie

    Literally love this, Angie x

  • I am the exact same with my clothes! I don’t realise until I start going back through the photos…less money on clothes and more on travel is always good in my books though 🙂

  • I’m pretty sure you are instagram model perfect already! 🙂 Xx

  • That is one well travelled dress, it could have its own blog! I was thinking on number 1 – could you get Mr S a hip flask or a glass of something chilled on arrival, then he could sit on the balcony and start the holiday R&R whilst you snap?! x

    • Ha! Actually Mr S likes to occasionally intervene and tell me I’m doing it all wrong.

  • I am definitely guilty of the clothing theme as well! And my poor hubby now has to wait for me to take pictures of the food, drinks and hotels now.. every single time! haha

  • This is an amazing post – SO SO true! Blogging has made me do things that terrify me – it’s a blessing and a curse!

    Erin xxx

  • Mehreen A

    Love this post Angie, and you look amazing even in candid shots 🙂


  • Lucy

    This seriously could have been written by me, the amount of times Mike has been tucked in a corner while I take pics of a room are endless. Mr S seems to have the same past time as Mike taking pics of the blogger taking pics haha. Loved reading this Lucy x

  • I do not have the patience to take photos of my food or wait and take photos of the room before collapsing on the bed. I wish I did but it’s just something that will never happen. With you 100% on no 7 aswell – mosquitos are the devil!

  • Poor, poor Mr S! The rules really should have been in your wedding vows! Number 2 is really my worst problem.
    Those mozzie bites look awful!

  • Haha this made me laugh! Michele would never stand in the corner of the hotel room like that, he’s belly flopped on the bed before I’ve even made it out of the lift! 🙂 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

  • Love these Angie – I was nodding along to every one! And I love that dress – such a gorgeous colour on you 🙂

  • Ha, I can so relate to a lot of these, especially the photography ones. This was fun to read, thanks for sharing!

  • Samantha Gray

    I love this feature and if I had that dress I’d wear it everywhere too!

  • HAHA, loved this behind the scenes look, Angie! I love that Mr. S has managed to catch you in action even more … John just sighs and rolls his eyes and gets super impatient. Number 1 ALL THE WAY – I have to take a photo of everything before it gets “ruined” and sometimes John will pretend to leap onto the bed (the worst offence) right when I’m trying to take a snap!

  • I love this post Angie! I was nodding along with every single point – I even read it to my husband and he was like “YES!! This exactly!” Haha the struggle is real!!

  • My husband hates it too – he cringes at me taking photos all the time. But then tells me off for not getting one that’s good enough, and then is all “pass me the camera”. I think he secretly likes it. 🙂

  • The slow pace

    Love, love, love this post! And I love seeing the same dress in lots of different destinations! It makes you real… plus #traveluniform 😉

  • Asma

    I think the main consensus from this months link up is husbands/boyfriends seem to suffer from travel blogger problems more than most 🙂

  • Eh, these aren’t problems, these are um, unusual situations that demand creative solutions. Small price to pay for all the beauty in our lives! 😉 x

    Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • Hahaha this is so funny Angie!! I was laughing and nodding along to every single one! 20 identical food shot…yup. Same clothes in every destination…yup. Mr Ayla also standing in the corner of the room…definitely yup!!

  • Love this post – made me giggle! 1 – 4 are especially me!! x

  • Sometimes the prefect travel dress must be photographed in beautiful locations. On every holiday and every outing.

  • I’m laughing so hard right now about your outfit dilemma. I used to overpack to the extreme, two possible outfits for each day because you never know what you’re going to want to wear or when you’ll need x, y, or z. Sometime in the past year I realized I wear the same ten things pretty much every day of my life and so I started bringing *only* those outfits on holiday with me. Our last five trips have the exact same outfits over and over again – black or brown knee-high boots; skinny jeans; black, gray, or navy or red shirt. Every damn place.

    • I put all my clothes on my bed before I go and notice that pretty much everything is blue!v

  • This is hilarious and I can definitely relate! My husband always lets out a big sign when I say “wait, we need to take a picture of this!”
    Such a great post!

    xo Bryn

    • Ha! Mine’s the same. Stop everything there’s a photo opportunity!!

  • HAHAHA OMG Angie this post is actually epic. I am properly lolling and can relate on every level. When did blogging become so guilt inducing?! Good job we love it eh 😉 Lots of love, Andrea xxx


  • This is hilarious! You could be describing me just as well! Minus the Mr S problems 😉 One of the perks of solo travel 😉 But between you and me, sometimes I wouldn’t mind the company, even if he had to be the most patient person in the world…

  • Haha. Angie this post is hilarious and so very true. I think for me the worst one is that you cannot do anything anymore without taking pictures. Although my boyfriend is “well trained” in that regard, I feel for him and understand he sometimes gets upset about it. He is generally quite understanding when we have been invited because of my blog, less so when it’s our own personal vacation. The FOMO in me is big too. Cannot possibly go somewhere and not do and try everything.

  • Number 7 and 9, yes yes yes. And the getting too drunk to take photos. Oops. That dress is lovely though! haha

  • LOVE this Angie. That photo of the Eiffel Tower – I’ve never seen it taken from that angle before – it’s beautiful.

  • The Gallivants

    This made me laugh so much. I started my blog last year and totally identify with most of these – particularly the having to take piccies the moment you walk in the hotel room and the outfit problem. It made me realise how long I keep my clothes. My husband doesn’t understand when I explain why I’m buying new ones however… ;-(