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A Love Letter to My Husband

Dear Mr Silver,

It’s rare that you have a whole blog post dedicated to you but I can’t believe we’ve just celebrated five years together and with Valentine’s Day coming up I thought it was time to devote a little time to write to you. As we go about our day to day lives, I think it’s easy to forget to say I love you and sometimes writing down your thoughts are easier than saying them.
I remember so well the day we first met five years ago, and when you suggested my favourite restaurant Hakkasan for our first proper date, I knew you had good taste. It was our third date when you tried to kiss me, and when I accidentally turned my head at the wrong time so that you thought I was avoiding you. I quickly rectified the situation and soon we were inseparable.
After a year, we moved in together and learned all the new things that you learn about one another when you start to cohabit. How I get make up everywhere and how you never stack the dishwasher. By the way, plates don’t get clean if you leave if you just leave them by the sink. But we learned to live with each others flaws and accept each other as we were. You don’t mind that I’m *occasionally* hormonal, and I’ll forgive you shouting and swearing at the TV when Tottenham are losing…IMG_2798
Though we’d been on holiday together lots of time before (including several with your entire family) our first big adventure together was our trip to Australia, perhaps still our favourite trip of all time. A place that we simply fell in love with and a trip that confirmed you were my perfect travel companion.IMG_1733
It was on this trip to Australia that you proposed to me and we returned to the UK bursting with excitement for our wedding plans and starting a new life together. Our rather epic wedding took a year and half of planning, blood, sweat and tears but on the 18th of May 2014 we finally made it to the Synagogue on time for a beautiful ceremony conducted by an incredible rabbi who’d taught us many things about marriage and how we should always keep the romance in our relationship. 0366_DSC_9351
Our wedding reception at The Dorchester was a dream come true but that was only the beginning…It was a couple of weeks later that we would embark on our next big adventure; our honeymoon.
Starting off in New York we then flew to California and experienced the Napa Valley and San Francisco before taking the drive down the Pacific Coast Highway finishing up in LA. From LA we flew to the magical paradise island of Bora Bora, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, where we enjoyed private dinners, gorgeous boats trips and beautiful beaches. But it didn’t finish there, we ended it with a few days partying in Vegas before we had to go home and be sensible again.PIC1
Since then, as with every couple, we’ve had highs and lows but we’ve had so many wonderful experiences together, such as our trip to South Africa last year, paradise in St Lucia and Bali and our recent romantic break to Paris.DSC_6428
I really value your support for my blog even though you’ve had to suffer cold food while I get the perfect photo, you’ve always given me words of encouragement and read every single one of my blog posts. I love the fact that my blog has led us to develop a shared passion for photography and I know we’re both looking forward to developing it even more.

I’ve found my soul mate in you Mr S, and I know that we’ll be together forever. I can’t wait to have more and more adventures together including one day, the biggest adventure a couple can have.