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Chicken Shop: Chicken that’s good enough to tweet…

When choosing where to go for lunch it can be difficult to strike a balance between Mr Silver’s love for a cheeky one at *that* chicken restaurant and my desire to try new and cool places. DSC_5306
So when we were invited down to try the new Chicken Shop in Crouch End, I though it would be a place that would accommodate both our needs. Plus Mr S never turns down the opportunity to have a chicken feast…DSC_5288
As soon as we entered that comforting smell of roast chicken dinner hit our noses and our eyes greedily took in the whole chickens turning on the spit. DSC_5293DSC_5333
There are already five branches of Chicken Shop in London and one in Chicago, but each one has a slightly different interior so that it’s not following a cookie cutter formula. I’ve actually not been to one before but ever the worshipper of chicken, Mr S was already a fan of the Highgate restaurant.
The interior made me think of a barnyard, simple and rustic with exposed brick and woodwork, the perfect place for a relaxed Saturday lunch. And clearly lots of other people had the same idea as the new restaurant was packed full.
The concept of Chicken Shop is a simple one; there’s only one thing on the menu and there’s no prizes for guessing what that is. Diners can order a whole, half or quarter chicken and then a choice of side dishes. Feeling peckish (groan), Mr S and I decided to order a whole chicken to share – though he boasted he could easily eat one to himself…DSC_5325
Our free range chicken came ready chopped, marinated and plump with juicy tender hunks of meat and lemon to add a kick. Trust me, chicken this good is something to tweet about…Already on the table we could choose from (very) hot sauce or smoky sauce. I like both but with a preference for smoky.

We decided to order all the side dishes available because as a food blogger, I like to cover all bases 😉 DSC_5314
Tasty charred corn on the cob with the option of a drizzle of garlic butter.
The crispiest of crinkle cut fries…
And creamy coleslaw…
A butter lettuce and avocado salad was the only thing that I wasn’t quite so keen on, the leaves being a little wet. Now you may be wondering what all the fuss is about for a chicken restaurant? Well Chicken Shop comes from the people behind Soho House group, a company I really admire for their cool restaurants, exclusive private members clubs and beautiful hotels. Soho House Group just know how to do a simple concept well, such as Pizza East and Egg Break, and stamp personality, style and quirky flair on to each of their restaurants. Chicken Shop may be nothing fancy but the food is delicious and homely.

Speaking of which there is also the choice of three desserts, and I knew already that we would be going for a slice of the renowned apple pie…DSC_5328
Brought over whole so that you can select your appropriate level of greed…
Hot molten filling with a crisp sweet pastry and vanilla ice cream… the perfect end to comforting meal.

Chicken Shop
46 The Broadway
Crouch End
N8 9SU

0203 757 4848

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I was invited to review.

  • The only trouble is by reading this I really fancy some chicken…

  • Yum! I definitely want to try it out! X

  • Yummm. There is one in Tooting which I’ve been meaning to go to for ages, but it’s opposite Honest Burger and we always end up going there!

    Jasmin Charlotte x

  • God, I love chicken – it’s my sly little indulgence when my vegetarian boyfriend isn’t around. Right now I’m obsessed with Clutch in Dalston, but I’ll happily branch out to Chicken Shop – your photos look good enough to eat! x

    Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Thanks Jasiminne! I’m glad I was able to tear Mr S away from Nandos!

  • That chicken looks EPIC and the whole place looks like a more refined version of Nandos, which I’m very much on board with. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • Lol! Trust me, it’s much nicer than Nandos!
      Lots of love,

  • That chicken looks mouth-wateringly good and all the sides look delectable too. I like the no frills just great home-style food theme.

    Happy Holidays!
    Colleen x


    • The chciken was amazing – but then that’s what you’re there for! I’d definitely recommend it for cosy, homey food.

  • YUM! This looks amazing Angie. Fab photos too! xx

    Kelly | http://www.kellyprincewrites.com

  • A restaurant where you can choose the size of that coveted slice of pie?! I’M SOLD! xxx

    • That pie was sooooo good!! Sadly not really a place for vegetarians, unless you’re happy just having side dishes and dessert.

  • Is the chicken shop the new nandos? I seriously need to find out!

  • Lucy

    I thought you were going to title this chicken shop that’s good for the soul. I love chicken and this looks delicious Lucy x

    • Ha! That would have made a good title. I hope all is well with you lovely.

  • It’s nearly time for lunch and reading this post my stomach is growling at me! This looks like it’s definitely one to give Nandos a run for it’s money!

    Victoria x

  • When picking a restaurant I don’t usually get swayed by chicken but this place looks irresistible (and yes, much better than *that* chicken shop…) – and the sides look amazing! Crinkle cut fries and slaw will always win me over 🙂 xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

    • Yeah, I rarely choose chicken as it seems quite boring but this as great 🙂

  • This looks delicious! x