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Getting into holiday mode with The Glam App and Hotel Chocolat

When do you go into holiday mode? Is it a couple of days before when you start to think about what to pack? Is it when you arrive at the airport? Or does it not even truly hit you until you’re there and feeling the sun on your skin? I get so excited for going on holiday, I have an app on my phone to count down the days, I gaze at photos of the destination and study the menus of the restaurants I’ve booked. This time holiday mode hit me a few days before we went to St Lucia…DSC_1026
Hotel Chocolat sent me a few treats to tuck into before I left for my trip…
Now, why would that get me in the mode for St Lucia? Well it’s because the real Hotel Chocolat is located there! Yes, there really is a Hotel Chocolat, and though I imagine rooms made out of chocolate, I don’t think it’s *quite* like that. But still, you can visit and make your own chocolate from scratch and try the cacao cuisine at their restaurant.
They’d sent me The Everything Collection which is a selection of their most popular chocolates including Billionaire’s Shortbread truffles, salted caramel puddles, little cheesecakes, chocolate brownies, dark fruit and nut and milk & cookies. I even shared some of it with Mr S 😉

Obviously eating chocolate is the *best* way to get into holiday mode but I also sorted out my manicure, pedicure, unruly eyebrows and got a facial in preparation. I love getting everything done and really feeling holiday ready. The morning before a flight I usually get my hair blow dried too…Mr S doesn’t quite understand my need to feel pretty to go to the airport but for me feeling good about myself is just part of getting into holiday mode. Anyway, I’ve got a great little tip for if you like to have a quick blow dry or get your make up done before heading out on a trip or somewhere special. DSC_1041
I’d been asked to trial The Glam App which allows to get your hair done whilst sitting at home scoffing chocolates in the comfort of your home. The Glam App is focussed solely on beauty so you can chose hair, make up or nails. Once you’ve made your selection there’s then a choice of styles making it easy for when the stylist arrived. DSC_1040
My only criticism of the app would there was no option for glam curls, so instead I went for beachy waves. Once I’d made my choice and chosen the price bracket for my stylist, I then put in the time and date followed by my details. From there it was all confirmed. My stylist Jenelle text me an hour before the appointment, arrived on time with all her equipment and in no time my hair was looking super sleek – and I got my glamorous curls.

DSC_1004 DSC_1005 DSC_1007
What do you reckon? Glam enough for the airport? 😉

What makes you feel like you’re in holiday mode? 

My chocs and blow dry were free of charge in return for being featured in this blog post