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Blog Addicts Anonymous Brunch Meeting at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

After admitting to our addictions it was time hold the first ever ‘Blog Addicts Anonymous’ support group hosted rather appropriately at brunch, bloggers’ favourite meal time. The highly photogenic Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings was the chosen venue (thank you Emma)  and we sat in a circle around the table excited by the forth coming Instagram potential of coffee foam art, smashed avocado and #eggporn.

We all admired the pretty garden-like interior and funky fabrics whilst thinking of the best angles for the furniture, catching the hanging plants in the right light and getting just the right amount of background blur in our photos. We may have been here for a support group but we just couldn’t help ourselves…
The fellow blog addicts have given me permission to reveal their names and the enablers bloggers present were Emma, Rebecca, Shikha, Jaime and Sam who have also admitted to doing crazy and sometimes dangerous things in the name of our blogs and social media. Anyone stood in the middle of the road or hung off the side of a mountain whilst murmuring to ourselves it’s for the blog? We ordered our coffees and no one could hide the disappointment with the lack of foam art, I mean it was really good coffee. But. There. Was. No. Foam. Art… I still had two cups as I am also a coffee addict…
Fortunately, the food itself arrived and it was very photogenic (who cares about how it tasted, right?) and bowls of potato hash with smoked salmon and poached hens egg, English breakfasts, braised beef hash and curried cauliflower and broccoli arrived as we checked in, tweeted and Instagrammed.DSC_0623
We all sat and waited patiently as our food went cold, standing by for each blogger to get the perfect shot and after ten minutes of shutters whirring, iPhones snapping and cameras clicking we were ready to eat. Blog habits are hard to break…
Brunch-at-BandH-Buildings Brunch-at-BandH-Buildings Brunch-at-BandH-Buildings
We all declined the offer of bottomless Bellinis or Bloody Mary’s…our addiction to social media was intoxicating enough already.

No one batted an eyelid as I took my DSLR camera to the loo to take a picture of the sink…(fortunately no ‘normal person’ ie non-blogger was in there to witness my weird behaviour)…Brunch-at-BandH-Buildings
….but I couldn’t pass up the chance of taking a picture of this bath repurposed as the perfect receptacle for washing your hands

Ok, so this was supposed to a support group about facing our addictions, solving our common problems and coming out on the other side stronger and hopeful… but we all mutually decided we didn’t want to be cured of our addictions. Without blogging, we would have never met each other, never faced some of our fears, tried new things and seen the world in a different way.

I think our friends and family will just have to accept that they are in for a lifetime of cold food, Instagrammable cocktails and choosing where to sit based on the best lighting… However hard it can be to prise me off Twitter, Mr S has to admit that writing my blog has enriched both of our lives in so many ways, blogging will certainly have a place in my life for many years to come.

Our motto will always be: It’s for the blog

A big thank you to B & H Buildings for hosting our first (of many) Blog Addicts Anonymous Meeting we loved the photogenic space, the buzzy relaxed atmosphere and the Instagrammable food 🙂

B & H Buildings
42 Northampton Road

020 3174 1156


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