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10 Years Younger with a FACE PLACE Facial at Sense Spa at the Rosewood Hotel

I’ve mentioned before that I’m really not a spa girl as I find it difficult to be away from Twitter and Instagram for more than two minutes…the struggle is real… I just find it really difficult to turn off, relax and be well and truly pampered!

A few months ago I was invited to a blogger’s event at the Sense Spa at The Rosewood Hotel, now I may not be a spa lover but I’m definitely a luxury hotel fan! I love The Rosewood Hotel and the spa is so relaxing and zen – the perfect place to switch off if that’s your thing!

Though I’m not into spa-time do believe in ‘essential maintenance’ which for me includes a monthly facial to hydrate my dry skin and keep a youthful glow! The Sense Spa have recently introduced FACE PLACE an LA import with the mantra ‘FACE PLACE now or face lift later’ ok, sold…I’m not getting any younger and I was definitely interested in a facial that would give me youthful glowing skin.

In the safe hands of FACE PLACE specialist, Rowan, I made myself comfortable in one of the Sense Spa’s calming treatment rooms.

Rowan explained to me that there is only one signature treatment which can be used on men and women, though some how I don’t see Mr S popping to the spa for some extractions ;). Rowan cleansed my face and placed warm towels across it before lying a cone on top to help open my pores. For previous facials I’ve had my pores steamed open but Rowan explained that this method worked deeper and it was more hydrating. Which is perfect for me as I do have very dry and dehydrated skin.

The next step was the painful bit – the extractions – though it wasn’t the most comfortable experience, I liked the fact the Rowan was incredibly thorough and left my skin feeling really clean. Ridding it of all the make up build up accumulated from my lazy skin care routine.

Next hot wet towels were wrapped around my face – and I must say if you don’t like stuff on your face or you’re claustrophobic, the treatment really isn’t for you. Rowan placed a sort of mask on face that passed a galvanic current system through my skin. Sounds kind of scary eh? And it did tingle a bit and left a metallic taste in my mouth but the intention was to tighten my skin and penetrate key ingredients such as Vitamin C and Zinc deep into the skin. The tingling is actually a good thing because you know it’s working.

At the end of the treatment I was very excited to take the mask off and see myself looking 21 again – but when I looked in the mirror my skin looked very red and puffy. ‘Don’t worry’ Rowan told me ‘That means it’s worked!’ And sure enough my skin calmed down and twenty minutes later it looked bright, clean and smooth and the next day it looked even better!

The owners of FACE PLACE Paul Rogers and Tony Silla liken the facial to a workout program and believe clients should integrate it into their everyday lives. My skin certainly felt like it had been to the gym, but the results speak for themselves…and perhaps I can go a little easier on the Instagram filters next time I post a picture of myself 😉

The FACE PLACE signature treatment is an 1 hour and 15 minutes long and priced at £130

Sense Spa at The Rosewood Hotel
252 High Holborn

My facial was complimentary
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