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PRIV: Hair and Make up in your own home at the touch of a button

Smart phone apps are slowly taking over the world…and I have to admit I pretty much live my life by applications on my iPhone 6.

I never hail a taxi anymore, I only use hailo…
To lose weight I don’t use pen and paper to figure out my calorie intake, I rely on MyFitnessPal…
Need a restaurant nearby? The Zomato app is perfect…
…and I’m reliant on my currency conversion app while travelling.
I actually don’t know how I found anything before I had Google Maps easily to hand…
If it exists there’s an app for it!When I was in New York I was introduced to an app called Glam Squad, whereby you can call a hairdresser or make up artist to your house or hotel room at the touch of a button. If only we had something like that in London…

Well now there is! My lovely blogger friend Katie works for Priv, an app new to London…Katie and I have got to know each other well over the past year and she knew the app would be life changing for me and asked if I’d like to trial it.
When I opened the Priv app I realised it was even better than Glam Squad as it includes options for manicures, massage and fitness as well as hair and beauty.
I selected blow dry and a drop down menu allows you to specify exactly what you want. I was planning to get a hair done for a glam evening out so I ticked the top box to confirm. At £38 including tip I thought the price was reasonable and comparable to top London salons.
The app then uses GPS technology to work out which stylists are nearby and their availability. I really like the fact that you could choose your stylist and add them to your favourites. Rather helpfully, each stylist has detailed information about their experience and a gallery of images show-casing their work.


I selected James Wilson, a celebrity stylist who has twelve years experience and has worked at Neville, a salon that’s a favourite of the Made in Chelsea cast. Katie had also recommended James to me and promised he’s a man that knows how to wield a brush and curling tongs.



From there all I needed to do was choose an appointment time, sit back and wait for it to be confirmed two minutes later. You can book 48 hours in advance to make sure that you get the time that you want. You only need to register your address and payment details once and the app remembers them all for next time.
On the day of the appointment the app sent me a reminder and later it also sent an alert when James arrived at my building. James arrived exactly on the dot of our scheduled time which I think is incredibly important as I’d recommend this app to busy business woman who may not have time to spare.
Now let me explain why Katie knew this app was perfect for me…now I often get compliments on my long blonde mane of wavy locks but actually I wasn’t born with hair this way. When I was young my hair was a terrible pain, you see I was born with what is technically known as Jew fro, in other words a crop of the thick, black, wiry and very frizzy hair…not silky, blonde tresses. Years and years of straightening, highlights and carefully placed hair extensions have got me to where I am today. Honestly, I thought straightening irons were the best invention since the wheel until I got into the rather expensive habit of getting frequent blow dries…
My hair was slightly damp and James sprayed it with more water and started working his magic!
Now, with blow dry bars becoming more and more popular in London, I’ve become rather addicted and I often pop into one before a night on the town. Having the Priv app is going to ensure my hair is pristine for such occasions and it’s also hugely time saving.
With my hair perfectly smoothed and tonged I just had to put on my make up and a little black dress and I was ready for my night out! The app had stored all my information and my credit card details so there’s no need to have spare cash around the house, it’s all done automatically.
I had gone from a frizzy mess to a glamour girl with the simple touch of a button and I hadn’t even had to leave the warm comfort of my own flat! The app was so easy to use and I loved the results…
When Mr S came home I excitedly told him about the app.
‘I’m going to use it all the time now!’ Mr S was really impressed with the idea and it’s not just for girls wanting to get glam! He’s also going to use it to book a personal trainer to come to flat so it could mean no more trips to the gym…and often find the hardest part is just forcing yourself to go there.
Honestly, I can’t recommend Priv enough, it’s definitely my new favourite app!
Download Priv for the iPhone here and for the android here 
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My blow dry was complimentary but this is my honest opinion and I love this app!
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