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Cleansing at Tanya’s Cafe

Healthy eating has always been important to me; as the saying goes ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ and a happy SilverSpoon! So with all my recent meals out, Christmas, parties and events a few days of detox was certainly welcome!

Steph from Being Blonde It’s a Lifestyle, definitely seems like my type of person…someone that grabs life with both hands, loves to travel and to explore everything life has to offer. Like me, Steph loves to indulge in a huge plate of sushi, a glass of champers and the occasional dessert but keeps a balance with plenty of exercise and healthy eating during majority of the week. Through January, Steph had decided to recharge her health and wellbeing by ditching processed foods, plenty of exercise and limited alcohol.

Steph and I had been trying to arrange a meet up and with the madness of Christmas over, January was the time to do it. I was feeling sluggish from a weekend of nights out and I was so glad when Steph suggested a healthy food cafe for a light lunch.

Tanya’s Cafe is a raw food restaurant serving ultra healthy food that is all organic, hand picked and raw.


Located in the myhotel in Chelsea, the cafe was really sweet and felt a little like a greenhouse with a glass roof and plant pots lining a living wall.

There was a fridge full of gorgeous looking sugar free cakes.

And another of cold-pressed juices, shooters and smoothies all in a rainbow of colours.

My need for coffee was great at midday on a Sunday and I quickly ordered one. Tanya’s is a completely dairy free environment and I opted for the almond milk alternative. Now, I’m a big lover of a huge cup of milky coffee and unfortunately the almond milk was not for me. I really wish I did like though as apparently it’s really good for digestive health, I’ll just have to stick to good old-fashioned cow’s milk sadly!

The menu is an all day offering with different items for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all are raw, gluten-free and without sugar or dairy. The eponymous Tanya, is incredibly passionate about health and has is a worldwide expert on raw and detox food. Her story into being a raw foodie is incredible and starts with a near-death car accident which you can read about on herĀ own blog.

Steph started with a ruby red smoothie called My Glow containing my doctor juice, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and acai berry powder.


I chose a super food salad with half an avocado in superfood seed mix over spiralised veggies, wild rocket and lemon tahini. Trust me…this was more than just a plate of raw veg! The dressing gave it a wonderful zesty, almost spicy flavour and the seed mix allowed for a different mix of textures.

Some of the other things on the menu looked really interesting such as mushroom tacos, pumpkin dumplings and the sun burger but Steph went for the Pad Thai, which is the most popular thing on the menu. The Asian-inspired dish contained shredded rainbow veggies in young coconut butter, almond butter and chilli sauce. I will say that the dishes are a little pricey but you are paying for very good quality.

Ok, I know these two plates of raw veggies don’t look exciting, but after my lunch I felt really bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. According to Tanya’s blog, raw food or ‘living food’ is uncooked or heated below 46 degrees. All the enzymes, nutrients are preserved so that you get the maximum health benefits and feel brighter and more awake. Actually reading Tanya’s blog really fascinated me as I found out on the raw diet you can still get all your calcium and protein from plants, you can also still eat chocolate as long as it’s cacao.

Just look at the incredible desserts they serve! It got me thinking a raw food diet doesn’t sound half bad…I’m a pretty healthy person and I don’t smoke or eat fatty food but I do feel very sluggish after a weekend of indulgence. I think it would a huge step to convert to a raw diet but I would certainly be interested in trying it for a month.

When I left the cafe I actually did feel lighter both in body and in mind and also very happy to have met a lovely fellow blogger who I hope to see again soon. Though perhaps including a glass of the lovely looking vegan wine or one of the superfood cocktails that they serve at Tanya’s.

Tanya’s Cafe
Myhotel Chelsea
35 Ixworth Place

020 7225 7538

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