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Knocking on the Little Yellow Door

Fancy going to a decadent house party held at the flat of five complete strangers? 
Well that’s exactly what I did the other night. 
You may remember back in October I went to the launch party of Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill, it’s basically a pop-up bar / restaurant themed around a flat-share. The ‘flat’ is decorated with personal photographs, favourite books and DVDs which all reflect the flatmates personal taste. The furniture is quirky and mismatched as if each flatmate has contributed something from their previous home. 
I’m afraid I was so busy chatting that I didn’t get many photos of the interior so apologies for recycling a couple of my previous ones. 

The bar is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and every Friday a supper club is held where you can sample the food of the Wandering Chef. Along with a group of bloggers I’d been invited along to check out a bit of home cooking and immerse myself in the world of the flat share. 
We started with an aperitif served in tea cup….
The Libertine contained Earl Grey infused gin, lemon and egg white and we all agreed it was awesome to drink a cocktail with a jammie dodger on the side!
With our cocktails supped it was time to sit down to dinner. It was such a lovely occasion and a chance to see familiar faces and meet new ones! Suze and Zoe, of course, I’ve met several times and after a year of reading their blogs I finally Lucy, Felicia and Rosie. I also got to catch up with Emily who I’d met while trying my hand at fashioning sushi rolls and making cocktails! 
Don’t you just love the personalised menu #Ultimatedinnerparty! I love it when a restaurant makes an event really personal. 
First up was a sharing platter containing:
Burrata with mint pesto, tomatoes, smoked aubergine and confit onions.
Prosciutto with peach basil and alomonds
Beef carpaccio with mustard dressing, capers and ricotta.

Part of the supper-club concept is that every few months a new flatmate moves in and takes over the kitchen with food representing his nationality. At the beginning of January, Luigi moved in and started serving food from his native Italy…which is always a crowd pleaser. The food was all fabulous, I honestly wasn’t expecting such great quality at a pop-up and my fellow food and lifestyle bloggers agreed.

Arancini with mushroom and asparagus with a truffle mayo. Well if you’re going to flavour mayonnaise you might as well do it with truffle!!

Kamran, one of the flatmates, stood up to tell us a bit more about the concept. He was immediately faced with a room full of cameras pointing at him….woah…well that’s what you get when you host a blogger dinner!

Tagliatelle with duck ragu was the dish of the day, it was absolutely perfect with generous helpings of succulent meat throughout.

The main course was belly porchetta with caponata, pickled vegetables, capers, sultanas and pine nuts. Now, unfortunately this is just not my thing and I didn’t try it but there plenty of murmurs of appreciation going on around me. 

Finally, these adorable mini desserts were served and included:

Sicillan Cannelloni with pistachios
Pine nut and caramel tart
Chocolate and tiramisu panna cotta.

And finally, coffee and cigarettes…

A cocktail of Grand brulet, espresso coffee and tobacco gomme. Very inventive and the cigarette on the side was a great touch, even for a non-smoker like me. My phone looks smashed in this photo…don’t worry it’s not!

And as we were enjoying our final drink, some crazy chemistry started going on behind the bar!

A big thank you to the team at Little Yellow Door for having me around to your flat. I’m sure I’ll be knocking again soon!

You can book tickets at Design My Night and the Wednesday dinner will be launched on the 11th February

The Little Yellow Door
68 Notting Hill Gate
W11 3HT 
07738 195 996 (also use whatsapp for bookings) 
Our bloggers’ dinner and drinks were complimentary
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