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Art Appreciation at the Harcourt Exhibition

You know the old phrase, I may not know art but I know what I like? Well apparently for me it’s black and white photos of famous people…

Well, it was rather surprising that an art philistine like me enjoyed the launch of the Studio Harcourt Exhibition at the Sofitel St James‘ so much.

I’ve always been an avid reader of Heat magazine and I’m generally the one called on in the ‘Name that Celebrity’ round of pub quizes. So looking a famous face is definitely a type of art that I enjoy, especially when they are this beautiful and artistic.

Studio Harcourt is a photography studio founded in Paris in 1934 by the brothers Lacroix along with Germaine Hirschefeld aka Cosette Harcourt. 
And the Sofitel St James, a hotel that celebrates all aspects of French culture, was the perfect place for the exhibition celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Studio Harcourt. 
When the Harcourt Studio was first founded they produced images for the press but a change in direction led to a specialisation in black and white photography of figures from French cinema and culture.
The Harcourt studio developed very specific look always using 24 x 30cm prints with a particular style and lighting. The photo is taken closed up with the subject giving a slight smile…

…as if they know something we don’t.

After the Second World War, the studio took up where they left off with movie star photography.

So much better than what you see in Heat magazine! 
Other legendary famous faces that you can see at the exhibition are Karl Lagerfeld, John Malkovich, Edith Piaf and Jean Paul Gaultier. 
The fab exhibition is on now and from the 21st – 24th November a pop-up photography studio will be present at the Sofitel St James allowing members of the public to join the ranks of faces snapped by Studio Harcourt’s top photographers. Harcourt’s make up artists will also be on hand to make sure your portrait is captured in true Harcourt style. 
You can book a session at the pop up studio by calling the Sofitel os 020 7747 2234. Rates are from £700. 
The Sofitel St James
6 Waterloo Place 

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