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Selfies at STK

There’s a phenomenon that’s hit the world…
It’s taken over social media…
It’s an obsession for celebrities and civilian’s alike…
You guessed it… it’s the ‘Selfie’… a (usually flattering) photo taken by yourself and then shared on social media just in case anyone cares what you look like right at that moment.
My friend Theresa is the Queen of Selfies and on our big night out in London, cameras were at the ready the whole time. And where better to enjoy a night of self-indulgent photo taking than at the super-stylish STK at the ME hotel in Aldwych. I’ve previously reviewed Cucina Asellina at the ME hotel too, whilst wearing the same dress (!)Warning: This blog post contains a high level of irony, though Theresa really could give Kim K a run for her money!

Dressing in our glad rags and piling on our make up… our first photo opp wasn’t a self-taken snap but it was by our obliging photographer Mr S.
The selfies began in the lift on the way down.
And continued in the glamorous surroundings of the American steakhouse import, STK.



Obviously a photo taken yourself doesn’t always have the best clarity…


So sometimes it is better to get someone to do it for you.
So you can relax and enjoy a bellini!
A word about the restaurant: STK is a super-glamourous and totally blingy. The atmosphere is like a night club so for a night out with plenty of excitement and energy it’s one of my top recommendations in London. Though not somewhere to go if you want a quiet chat.
But enough about the restaurant here’s some photos of us…



Ok…’I’m fed up of photos of you’ I hear you say! What about the food?!!?
I love the ‘flower pot’ bread at STK it’s a little like a brioche served with a herb oil.
We were keen to try one of STK’s signature dish.
Shrimp Rice Krispies were big fat prawns sat on top of Snap, Crackle and Pop cereal.
As the waiters pour the shellfish bisque over concoction it started to sizzle and the crispies began to pop!
A tuna tataki was actually quite disappointing and the flavour was bland compared to the delicious tuna tartar we’d enjoyed earlier at Oblix.
And just in case you were missing our faces…
The star starter was without a doubt the lil’ burgers. Delicious canape sized little fellas, perfect for one each.
Theresa and Jess both chose steak, of course, which was perfectly cooked and came as an epic portion.
I chose sea bass and langoustine, because I am weird and will eat fish even at a steakhouse… Though the fish was well cooked, it was rather lacking in any thrills. STK is super cool but it does seem that the food doesn’t quite live up to the hype of the place. Dare I say, it’s a little bit style over substance. But I guess many places are in this selfie – obsessed world 😉

Heirloom tomatoes and broccoli added some greenery and parmesan truffle chips and sweet potato gave us our carbs.



And dessert was a cute quartet of ice-cream

Which made a great prop for a final selfie pose!

STK is a really cool restaurant and I absolutely love the atmosphere. The food is little hit-and-miss but overall good. But who cares about the food when you’re just there to enjoy you self-ies!

ME Hotel London
336 – 337 The Strand
020 795 3450
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