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Ladies that Drunch

A few months ago I posted a blog on how I write a food blog and still stay slim. I mentioned that I try and stick to an 80 / 20 rule whereby I have a couple of ‘treat’ meals a week but on the whole stick to a balanced and healthy diet. As my blog has gained momentum, I’m doing more reviews and attending even more events…my strict rules are starting to slip…it’s becoming more like 70 / 30… ok let’s be honest 65 / 35. September is set to be particularly busy and I don’t want to start busting out my clothes so I’ll be featuring some great healthy options alongside the usual decadence and luxury.
First up is Drunch! A rather sweet boutique restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, a meal at Drunch gives you the option of being super healthy or to kick back and have a burger and a cheese cake! I invited my lovely friend and fellow newly wed, Amelia to join me for a drunch (that’s dinner / lunch as opposed to breakfast / lunch = brunch)… well it was more like a late lunch.
I started my drunch with rare tuna and roasted sesame on a bed of beetroot and salad. The starter tasted fresh, clean and healthy…I was definitely feeling better already…last night had been a heavy one!
Amelia chose grilled halloumi served with tomatoes and cucumbers. Ok, so cheese isn’t exactly high on the list of diet foods but it does contain protein and calcium and it was a moderate-sized portion.
Amelia and I love a girl’s lunch paired with wine or cocktails but Drunch doesn’t served alcohol, which is actually great when you’re trying to avoid temptation.
‘I can resist anything but temptation…’
Instead I had a cold fresh berry tea; I promise it was better than it sounds!
And Amelia chose a freshly squeezed juice:
The beetroot detox juice contains green apple, pear, ginger, lemon, beetroot (obvs), cucumber, agave nectar and parsley. Which was refreshingly detoxy… We both agreed than the Ultimate Banana smoothie (containing banana, milk and chocolate) would have been the more fun choice but we stuck to our healthy options.
The interior of Drunch is pretty simple with shining black tables and black booths.
There were useful sockets in the wall and I always need to charge my iPhone owing to my twitter addiction. On the other wall there were holders especially made for charging an iPhone.
I stuck to ‘plan’ with a superfood salad for my main course.
Mixed leaves, avocado, butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, grated carrots, sweetcorn, quinoa and pumpkin seeds. It also usually contains walnuts but I asked them to leave those off. As you can see the salad was huge and it was so filling. The good fats in the avocado and seeds coupled with high-protein quinoa meant I felt very satisfied by the salad. I actually only ate about half of it, it was so filling!
Amelia also chose a light option of salmon teriyaki with roasted courgettes. I tried some and it was perfectly cooked and served medium just how I like it.
Serving brunch, lunch, drunch and dinner, the restaurant is the perfect place to stop off for a bit if you’re doing some shopping in Mayfair. Apart from the healthy salad choices theres lot’s of less diet friendly options such as burgers and steaks.
After finishing our main courses we went to explore the downstairs of Drunch and discovered a whole other world.


The photos made me laugh as they actually looked like someone’s (very comfortable) living room. It would be great place to come when you’re feet are sore from a day of shopping. We didn’t try it but there’s also the alfresco option of an outdoor garden with shisha.
Amelia finished up with a fresh mint tea and the friendly waiter also gave us one of these little guys to try…
Isn’t it cute?!
Overall we were really pleased with our healthy choices and glad we didn’t have to say:
Thank you for a most delicious Drunch!
6 Blenheim Street and 1 Woodstock Street
020 7495 2020
Our healthy Drunch was complimentary but my opinion is honest and I’m a healthy food lover!
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