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SilverSpoon on Honeymoon: Up, Up and Away

I’m leaving on a jet plane… don’t know when I’ll be back again…
Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…going to be a part of it, New York New York…
Farewell London…Hello America
I’m ready to be welcomed at The Hotel California for some California dreamin’ and California Love.
I’m finally off on my epic honeymoon. My (four) suitcases are all packed, Mr Silver’s got the passports and I’ve got several different excel spreadsheets so we don’t go awry. 

I’m not sure how easy it’ll will be to blog, so my posts may be a little sporadic for the next four weeks. I’ve also pre-written some scheduled posts so bear with me as there may be a bit of a mixture of current and scheduled posts on my blog for the next month. 
I’ll be posting updates to twitter as often as possible using the hashtag #SilverSpoonOnHoneymoon
I will also try and keep updating Instagram. If you don’t already please follow me: http://instagram.com/angiesilverspoon for an instant photo hit on honeymoon fun!
As ever you can also follow me on BlogLovin’ and on Facebook

Don’t forget me while I’m gone, I promise to return with plenty on tales of luxury, love and laughs!!