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A Romantic Late Night Bite at Buddha Bar

After our enjoying a wonderful day on our fabulous pre-wedding photo shoot, Mr Silver and I felt that romance was in order!
The photo shoot had ended late and we knew just the place for a nocturnal bite. One of our favourite restaurants, Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge.
Buddha bar sign
We’ve visited the Knightsbridge location of this global restaurant franchise a few times and we’re always guaranteed a fabulous night here.
The interior of the bar and restaurant is stunning.
Stair case and buddha
It’s a huge space with the bar at ground level and an extensive basement restaurant.


A Buddha
References to the Buddha abound throughout the venue.


A man in an Asian style bar
Handsome Mr S!



Bar interior
The place is a fusion of lights and sounds, East meets West and unlike any other venue in London.
It reminds me of Buddakan in New York, also a fantastic restaurant in an amazing space, if you ever get a chance to go.
A man in a white shirt and jacket


A slightly different look for me as I’d had my make up done for the photo shoot. I have to say I prefer it my usual way! But then again I’ve been in a make up rut for years!!
It was late so we chose to share a few light nibbles.
dim sum


Salmon and oregano Shu Mai. I love dim sum and this was totally delicious!!


Fish in broth
Steamed red bream with lemongrass broth was the perfect choice for a light dish.


chicken and rice
Five spiced barbecued chicken with teriyaki sauce was our dish of the night. The teriyaki sauce wasn’t overly sweet or cloying.


King crab with prawn tempura and spicy mango sauce. Don’t you love how sushi always looks so chic and elegant in photos?


tuna sashimi
If there’s tuna tataki on the menu; I have to have it! The dish was served with a gorgeous spicy yuzu miso and onion salsa.


fruit salad
And for a light sweet note; we chose a fruit platter.
Buddha bar is a really fantastic restaurant with a lively atmosphere and stunning decor. The restaurant  is perfect for every occasion; come on a date, with a group and excellent for a late night bite.
Buddha Bar London
145 Knightsbridge
020 3667 5222
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  • Wow the food looks good, my tummy just did a massive gurgle 😀 I had my makeup done for a photoshoot once. They put so much on and whilst it looked good in the photos when I left to walk down the street I felt like a clown :s x

    • I love sushi! I could just eat it every day!!!! The make up was ok, I've definitely had worse but it was too much foundation and I didn't like the eye shadow or lipstick!!
      Lots of love,

  • Officially on my list next time I'm in England! I tried to go to the one in Prague but the timing didn't work out. Can't wait to try it! Might have to be a date night though…doesn't look like the kind of place I want to be taking Little Man.

    • I would love to try the one in Paris, I bet its tres chic!! Perfection for a date night! Hope that you get to go.
      Lots of love,

  • Looks like it was the perfect way to end your day.


    • It was! It's a fantastic bar.
      Lots of love,

  • It looks amazing! I went to a bar/restaurant once with a long bamboo corridor to get in then it opened into this huge room on two floors. I have no idea what/where it was! 🙁 Any ideas?

    Katie <3

    • Hmmm… it does sound like Buddha Bar, it used to be on Embankment and that one closed and is now in this one in Knightsbridge. Otherwise, there's Funky Buddha in Mayfair?
      Lots of love,

  • Angie, great food pics – Buddha Bar is definitely on my to visit list!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • I absolutely love Buddakan in NYC as well! One of my go to's in the city 🙂 Bhudda Bar in Dubai was awesome but I've not heard great things about the one in London. Your post has made me want to go though! xxx

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