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A pampered princess in St Martin’s Courtyard

Organising a wedding is fun but it can also be very stressful, and with only seven weeks to go until the big day I was feeling the pressure…
So my invitation for a day of pampering and beauty in St Martin’s Courtyard came at exactly the right time! I love being treated like a princess for the day and a few beauty treatments were exactly what I needed to feel better!
St Martin's Courtyard
In the centre of Covent Garden, St Martin’s Courtyard is a great one stop destination. It has everything the stressed out bride-to-be needs really! Shopping, dining and spa. Did someone say my three favourite words…
In the relaxing surroundings of the courtyard you feel like you’ve escaped from the city and found the perfect way to spend a day chilling out!
St Martin's Courtyard


St Martin's Courtyard
As I walked into the square I was already feeling less stressed out…


Flower market


Flower market
Especially when I saw the beautiful flowers in the Covent Garden Flower Academy. Fortunately I’m not tired of looking at flowers yet!
I started with lunch to give me much needed energy for my day of relaxation…
Bill’s was the dining destination of the day and I was meeting the very lovely Rebecca who is responsible for the PR for St Martin’s Courtyard.
Bill's restaurant
I love the story of Bill’s, which started life as a shed in Lewes selling fruit and veg and grew into a national sensation! The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner and also sells its own products.
interior of Bill's restaurant


interior of Bill's restaurant


interior of Bill's restaurant
It feels like a lovely little general store full of vibrant colour and tempting goodies.
I chose marinated chicken skewers with cous cous and pitta bread.
Chicken skewers at Bill's restaurant
My dining companion chose a chicken caesar salad.


Chicken caesar salad at Bill's restaurant
We both very much enjoyed our lunch and I think the menu at Bill’s would easily please anyone for a laid back meal.
Next on the agenda was a blow dry at Blow Ltd. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I LOVE a blow dry, so it was the perfect option for my princess pampering day!
Blow ltd beauty bar
Because I like getting my hair done often I want it done quickly! Blow guarantee that each blow dry takes thirty minutes and you can be out and ready to do the next task on your bride-to-be / princess schedule.You simply choose the style you want from the hair menu….


Blow dry
And away they go!
I really felt like a princess with two stylists working on my hair!


Blow dry


And being a Silverspoon Princess, I chose the Luxe Blow from the nine different options
Blow dry
And I think the lovely Tanya and Josh did a fantastic job!
I really like the ‘fast beauty’ concept offered at Blow Ltd and they also offer a 15 minute make up service and a 15 minute mini mani!Next up it was a geleration manicure at the Relax spa. As soon as I entered I started to feel more zen.

relax salon

The lounge was a lovely little place to meditate and forget about my stresses. Relax Spa offers massages, facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures which all take place in the relaxing treatment rooms on the upper level of the spa.

Downstairs you can pop in and enjoy an energising chair massage if you need some relaxation time during your lunch break.

relax salon

I’d chosen to have a manicure in anticipation for my hen do next weekend (watch this space for a blog post or two!) and I decided to go for a vibrant pink to match the mood of the occasion.




So with my hair looking fab and my nails all primed for next week’s hen extravaganza I was feeling more like myself… time for some shopping? Well a princess deserves some new treats….

St Martin’s Courtyard
Slingsby Place
Disclaimer: I was a guest at Bill’s, Relax and Blow Ltd but my views are my own. I had a lovely and relaxing day and the staff at each venue treated me like a princess
  • So well deserved lovely! I'm glad you had a fabulous time! I've been meaning to go to Blow for an absolute age!

    Katie <3

    • Thank you! I love the 'fast beauty' concept and I'd definitely go back for a make up session!
      Lots of love,

  • Gorgeous! I do love Bills for a spot of brunch, unfortunately they haven't opened any in the north yet but I've heard a rumour we will be getting one in Newcastle very soon!

    I had my nails done this weekend too 😀 They still look amazing 2 days later, it's something I should do more often I think!

    Never ever had a blow dry but might actually treat myself one day soon x

    • The lunch at Bill's was great and a perfect mixture of my hearty and lighter more healthy options! Fingers crossed for one in Newcastle for you!! Yes, I'm really pleased with my nails and I need them to last for the weekend, so far they're still looking good. I love gel manicures!!

      Blow Ltd is great cos you an easily chose your style from the menu.
      Lots of love,

  • What a lovely pampering day. I love the idea of beauty being done in a relaxing space that is also done quickly. As a bride to be pampering and relaxation is a must. Hope you had a nice weekend Lucy x

    • It was great to have those lovely treatments and I felt so good afterwards! There's a few more bride-to-be posts coming up so check it out!
      Lots of love,

  • Wow what a fabulous day you had! I love your hair and the food looks absolutely relish!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    • It was such a nice day and I felt so much better to have my hair and nails sorted out!!
      Lots of love,

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