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Bubbledogs – Hot dogs and Champagne

I love pairing high-end stuff with low-end; flash with trash! The pairing of the two opposites only goes to enhance both, a top shop dress can work fabulously with a pair of Jimmy Choos, truffles work so well on pizza and an Ikea lamp fits effortlessly into a London penthouse.
Its great to mix the low brow and the high brow. At university I had to read many great works of literature but I always made sure I read Heat magazine whenever I could…
With this in mind I was very intrigued when Melanie from Sunny in London invited me along to try Bubbledogs; a restaurant that juxtaposes fast food hot dogs with luxurious champagne.
Well I never say no to champagne no matter what it’s paired with…

The interior of Bubbledogs is small and quite cosy, a sweet little place. Though I’m not a huge fan of perching on a stool to eat my lunch, these were reasonably comfortable ones!

Cute doggie pics line the wall, adding to the humour of the place.


I’d met Melanie before at the launch of the townhouse suite at the Kensington Hotel¬†and we discovered we had lots in common: a love of the finer things in life and good food!

Talking of the finer things…let’s start with a glass of champagne! The list at Bubbledogs is made entirely of growers champagne made by farmers in smaller champagne houses. There’s no Moet or Veuve on the list at Bubbledogs so I started with a glass of Gaston Chiquet…


Food wise Bubble dogs offers a wide range of ‘gourmet’ dogs, mostly with a American theme. The lovely Melanie hails from the US and was amused to see some of the combos on offer such as the Fourth of July dog, a sausage wrapped in bacon with smokey BBQ sauce and coleslaw.
As you can imagine hotdogs aren’t exactly on the bride-to-be diet so I kept it simple and order a ‘naked’ dog. Bubbledogs offer a choice of beef, pork or veggie, I chose the latter.




When it arrived in a little red plastic basket I knew we weren’t in Michelin town…The hot dog was ok and it was definitely fun to enjoy a bit of junk food with a nice glass (or three!) of bubbles. I personally think they could have upped their game a little. A nice crusty baguette or ciabatta loaf would have been more delicious than an ordinary hot dog bun.

Melanie went for the Mac Daddy on the basis that it was the most popular item on the menu.

This epic dog contained macaroni and cheese, crispy onions and bacon bits. Melanie had to request a knife and fork to eat it. She also expected to see something a bit more and she said it reminded have of the kind of hot dogs you get at amusement parks or baseball games over in the States…

Our side dishes were:

Tator tots!! These amused Melanie, as she informed me this was the kind of food served in school cafeterias in the states. My adolescent diet of Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210 and Sweet Valley High meant I had already heard of tator tots but this was my first time actually trying them.
‘Oh…they’re like hash browns’ I said.
These were also ok and actually not too greasy.


Sweet potato fries.

We preferred these…plus I could kid myself they were healthier than normal fries…

I had a lovely time with Melanie and Bubbledogs is a good fun concept. I like the idea of injecting a bit of humour into your lunch and the hotdogs themselves are inexpensive.
¬†However, I do think that Bubbledogs could up their game a bit. There are so many ‘gourmet’ junk food restaurants opening that a little bit more gastro magic is needed to make Bubbledogs really and truly special.
70 Charlotte Street
020 7 637 7770
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