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Kurobuta London – Sushi pops up on The King’s Road

I love the London restaurant scene, but one thing that is lacking is a reasonably priced, high quality sushi place. Nobu, Zuma and Roka are fab but they’re not for everyday and the less expensive places like Yo Sushi and Itsu don’t deliver on quality.
A couple of weeks ago Mr Silver and I visited Sticks ‘n Sushi which ticks the boxes in terms of value for money, quality and fun factor. You can read about our experience here.
When I read about Kurobuta on The Londoner’s blog, it seemed like we’d found another candidate in our search for an everyday Japanese eatery.
251 Kings Road sign
A pop-up restaurant, located at 251 King’s Road, I warned Mr Silver it would be more shabby-chic than sexy, sleek.
The interior was rustic, wooden and welcoming with a huge open kitchen at the back. The open kitchen now seems common at most restaurants I visit and I love the feeling of bringing the cookery into the dining room.
wooden shelves with bottles on


Wooden restaurant interior



behind the bar; bottles and glasses
The split level cramped dining room certainly has a temporary feel to it but that added to the charm of the place.
Mr Silver and I love sushi and we had high expectations for Kurobuta. The chef, Scott Hallsworth, trained at Nobu and was chosen to launch Nobu Melbourne. We loved the food in Australia and had the pleasure of eating in Nobu Melbourne, as I mentioned here in a previous post.
First order of business was the cocktails, Mr Silver choosing a Green Bastard.
A green drink


Man holds green drink
Containing gin, midori and cucumber.
I had a deliciously bitter Chelsea Iced Tea.
yellow Drink
Well..when in Chelsea


Girl holds a yellow drink
The names of the cocktails added to the light-hearted feel of the place; Kurobuta doesn’t take itself too seriously.
We chatted away to the staff members, who were all Aussies, and happily relived memories of Australian restaurants and bars. The foodie scene in Australia, especially Melbourne, was a huge draw to the country for us.
The menu at Kurobuta is playfully Japanese including a sashimi pizza and beef sliders in the ‘Junk food’ section. It felt so much more fun than uber cool Nobu! While not exactly cheap, you won’t being the prices of the top London Japanese restaurants and Hallsworth definitely delivers on quality.We started with Jerusalem artichoke chopsticks with truffle ponzu dip.

pastry spring rolls


We loved this version of an artichoke spring roll and it was something neither of us had tasted before! Definitely our top choice of the day.

Crispy squid
Next, squid with jalapeno dipping sauce. The sauce was the star here, tangy and spicy, the perfect accompaniment for the crispy squid.


Japanese seabass
Roasted Chilean Seabass with spicy shiso ponzu was perfectly cooked and the sauce hit all the right notes of being zesty and bitter with plenty of chilli.


Miso aubergine

Miso grilled aubergine with sesame seeds. A dish I can never resist at a Japanese restaurant; Kurobuta’s was not over sweet and was the perfect light vegetable accompaniment to our dishes.

pork ribs
BBQ Pork ribs with honey soy-ginger glaze. Mr Silver is quite literally compelled to order ribs if they are on the menu.


Another Japanese item we frequently order: yellowtail sashimi with kizami wasabi salsa and yuzu soy. Light and fresh, perfect for the gorgeous spring day that we were having.


And finally for the savoury dishes, some sushi; spicy tuna maki rolled in tempura crunchies.
We chose two small desserts


fruit and nut dessert
A fruit and nut concoction of summer berries, hazelnuts and pistachios. I didn’t like this dessert as it reminded me of peanut butter, which I dislike. However, Mr Silver was very happy that I didn’t like it…


mini cheese cakes

The second dessert fared better with me. Tiny cheese cakes with fruit and sugary pink marshmallow things. Lovely! Refreshing and sweet, the perfect touch to end a fabulous meal.

Mr S and I loved Kurobuta, and fortunately the pop-up doesn’t end here. Chef Scott Hallsworth will be opening a permanent site, set to launch in Connaught Village in April 2014. He’ll definitely have a pair of sushi loving Silverspoons coming along when it does!

Kurobuta London
251 King’s Road
SW3 5ELUpdate: This pop-up is now permanent.

  • This sounds like just the kind of casual dining affair that I love. It's so refreshing when restaurants are chatty and friendly rather than stuffy and pretentious!

    Katie <3

    • It definitely felt like a pop-up with the temporary sign on the door and menus on plastic sheets, but that was all part of the fun. I really love the way the sushi restaurants in London are becoming more playful! Definitely try and visit Kurobuta, its awesome. I could go back and literally choose a whole different selection, everything looked so good.
      Lots of love,

  • It looks great. If you want good value, amazing quality sushi you should check out At-Ariya. They have places in Ealing, St Johns Wood and others, and they sell fish to Nobu, Roka etc, as they are primarily a fish importer, but have started little restaurants on tha back of that. They are really tiny places, and very minimal decor, but the fish is outstanding – highly recommended!!

    Rosie xx

    • Hi Rosie, I've not heard of At-Ariya I'll add that to my ever growing list of places to try! Kurobuta has very minimal decor too, I'm interested to see how they deck out the permanent one. I hope they stick to the style cos it'll just be so different to the very cool, slick sushi restaurants that are around London.
      Lots of Love,

  • I love the look and sound of this pop-up place. I want to try the artichoke spring roll and the summer berries dessert. They look delicious. Thanks for sharing. X

    • Thank you for stopping by to have a read! I'm glad that you like the look of it! Get in there quickly before it goes. The artichoke chopsticks were the best thing that we had, for spring rolls they were very light and non-greasy as they were so thin. I'm told the pork belly buns are amazing too.
      Lots of Love,

  • Hi Lovely,

    Agreed – there's so much choice in London but you have to fork out (literally) every time! Will give this one a shot for sure. Ps. Mr S looks adorable – so nice to see a genuine smile instead of deer in the headlights (like my boy when I point a camera at him!)

    Sophie x


    • I don't mind paying for quality; I just don't like being ripped off. At Kurobuta you get great quality, as I said it's not cheap but its so much better than chain sushi restaurants. Ahhhh Mr S is adorable, he always wants me to take his photo and insists on checking it after to make sure its good!! Bless him!
      Lots of love,

  • Oh geee…everything looks so good!! We love all the desserts, and the sushi rolls look amazing!! The decor is super fun too!


    • Hi Michelle,
      I'm really glad that enjoyed the review! It's great to have a little place like this in the centre of Chelsea. It's very different to anything else in the area!!
      Lots of Love,

  • The food looks lovely have found some foodie gems in popups but not so sure about sitting so closely next to my neighbours. Well done on square meal reviewer of the week Lucyx

    • I think pop-ups just allow for chefs to be even more experimental and exciting!! Thank you so much on the Square Meal accolade. I was very proud!
      Lots of love,

  • FABULOUS! I truly miss all the great sushi that was available in Florida. It's also very reasonably priced there as well. Thank you for another great restaurant recommendation in London, Angie! Looking forward to our upcoming lunch and tea. 🙂

    • The sushi there was just gorgeous, they just don't put a foot wrong! I'm so looking forward to seeing you again and upcoming fun!
      Lots of love,

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