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Adventures in Australia – A night at Whale Beach and a big surprise!

For Boxing Day, Mr Silver had arranged a special treat for me. We would be catching a seaplane to Jonah’s on Whale Beach, here we would be enjoying lunch and a one night stay. The scenic seaplane flight would leave from Rose Bay harbour in Sydney so that morning Mr Silver and I packed a small bag as we would be saying goodbye to the QT for one night. A seaplane is a small aircraft that is capable of landing and alighting on water. Now, the idea of ‘small aircraft’ provoked fear in my heart and I was terrified of our pending flight but I was keen to see the coast of Sydney from the sky and very excited about the prospect of staying at Jonah’s. So intrepidly I boarded the light aircraft…


Sunglasses on so you can’t see the fear in my eyes!

And I’m so glad I did…
When we took off it wasn’t actually *that* scary as the plane was very steady and we were able to take in some astounding views of the Northern beaches.




We landed on the sea in Pittwater and we were picked up in a courtesy boat and then driven up to the hotel. Jonah’s is a intimate boutique hotel clinging to the rocky cliff top with a view directly over Whale Beach.

We arrived quite early so took a seat on the terrace.
‘Shall we get champagne cocktails’ said Mr Silver

I’m not normally one to turn down champagne, but after rich food and lots to drink yesterday, a morning of nervous fear followed by a flight in a light aircraft and bobbing up and down on a choppy sea, I felt a bit worse for wear. But I didn’t want to let Mr Silver down.



Pink drinks duly drunk we moved on into the hotel for lunch.

‘Shall we order champagne’ said Mr Silver

Ummm…. ok, I really wasn’t feeling that well!! But the waiter quickly bought over a bottle of Taittenger.

Jonah’s serves modern Australian cuisine that reflects the seaside location and the food was some of the best that we had on our trip.

Amuse bouche and delicious bread


North Atlantic Scallops




Blue Eye Trevalla with calamari



Main courses eaten, Mr Silver suggested a second bottle of champagne. Was he trying to get me drunk?
‘Would you like to take dessert outside?’ said the waiter, indicating a cliff top garden.
I looked outside, it was freezing and the wind was blowing. No, I definitely wouldn’t. Though adamant I didn’t want to Mr Silver and the waiter convinced me with the promise of a cosy blanket. Once outside and firmly ensconced under my blanket, I was handed the dessert menu. But there was no dessert menu, instead a rather romantic letter from Mr Silver. Ending ‘Be mine forever’
Drunk and a little confused, I said, ‘Thank you that’s very nice, but where’s the desserts?’
‘Do you know what I’m saying’
Suddenly it dawned on me as Mr Silver got down on one knee
‘Will you marry me?’
Well the rest is history and I obviously said ‘Yes’
Here we are feeling very happy and drunk! I also finally got my dessert!
After a celebratory walk to the beach, the lovely people at Jonah’s presented us with a chocolate congratulations platter.
Then it was up to see our room which had been romantically decorated with rose petals


And yes, another bottle of champagne
The room had a lovely relaxed, nautical feel to it and a balcony with view over the ocean. We were then left to enjoy the rest of our day and call family and friends to tell them the happy news. That evening Jonah’s gave us a charcuterie platter to enjoy alone in our room with our THIRD bottle of champagne of the day.
The next morning we happily enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then it was time to get the seaplane back for our final night in Sydney. The views on the way back were even more spectacular as we gazed at Sydney Harbour from our high altitude.


After one more night in Sydney it was time to head home. But we did so with much anticipation of what was ahead and the coming year of enjoying our engagement.
I visited Australia in November / December 2012. Mr Silver and I will be married May 2014.